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What bird symbolize love?


Which bird symbolizes astral travel?

The falcon. In Egyptian mythology, the aspect of man capable of such flight was the Ba, which they depicted as a falcon with a human head. The falcon also symbolized magick, h

What bird symbolizes war and why?

The eagle has been used many times as a symbol of a military, a nation or a unit in a military in wars. The Eagle is the strongest and most lethat predetory bird and the most

What does a blue bird tattoo symbolize?

A bluebird relates, firstly, to sailors. 5,000miles at sea would be represented with one bluebird, then 10,000 with another and so on.. When a bluebird was seen at sea, it wou

Why are birds a symbol for freedom?

Birds tend to be symbols for freedom because of their natural extinct and ability of flight. Bird who are able to fly are also able to visit multiple places, usually of vast d

What does the robin bird symbolize?

The robin brings a fresh new perspective to situations that are otherwise foggy and unclear. Try calling on robin energy for clarity when your judgement is clouded or when you

What does a cardinal bird tattoo symbolize?

Cardinal Tattoos   Cardinals mean a few things, actually. The one i like best is "vitality and/or happiness." Another i found is "brings colour to your life and reminds y

What does a tattoo of a bird symbolize?

Answer . Obviously a bird tattoo is a sign of freedom and the eternal free spirit. Before man took flight in hand we have always envied the abilities of the birds to fly,

What does bird symbolize?

Since ancient times, birds have been connected with the sky and  having a supernatural link between heaven and earth.    Symbolize- lightness and closeness to god 
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What birds symbolize death?

Crows are the birds that bring back the dead from the plane of to dead to the the living plane for wrongful death. the raven being known as by American native "The Messenger O