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Can b-positive parents have child with o-positive blood?

Believe it or not, the answer is YES! Each parent carries what are known as alleles for blood protiens, which can be A, B or O. A and B are considered Dominant, and if one of (MORE)

Can parents both blood type b will have blood type o positive child?

We are looking for the possible blood types of a baby.   Parental information:    Mother type B -- can be BB or BO therefore can contribute B or  O  Father type B (MORE)

Can b positive parents have child with o positive blood?

The answer is yes, the parents have to be heterozygous in this case. which means (B,b). The B is the dominant trait, so it masks the recessive one (b). In other words, B is (MORE)

Can a parent with type a positive and a parent with type b positive have a child with o positive blood?

Yes. Let's assume that the rhesus factor (whether the blood is positive or negative) is automatically positive, because both parents are positive. Parent 1 could have AO, or (MORE)