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What building materials where made out of mission Santa Clara?

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Is Mission Santa Clara still standing?

Yes, It is being used as a school.

What materials did they use to build Mission Santa Cruz?

It was made by many different kinds of stone but it mostly was made out of adobe brick. one of them was adobe. witch was made of dirt clay [that stuff that's at the bottom o

What things did the Santa Clara Indians do in the mission?

The Santa Clara Indians did weaving; farming; leather tanning; toolmaking; raising sheep and cattle; hunting; fishing; and theygathered acorns, wild herbs, roots, and berries.

What was the Santa Clara Mission known for?

mission santa clara is famous for having the best wheat crops

Did the mission Santa Clara get destroyed?

Yes, Mission Santa Clara got destroyed 5 times twice by an earthquake, once by a fire and twice by a flood.

What were the livestock and crops at Santa Clara de Asis Mission?

Wheat, corn, and sometimes olives are the food they grew.Cattle, sheep, swine, horses, and mules are the animal the raised in this mission.

What was Mission Santa Clara made out of?

the first and second churches were made of wood, and the third, forth, fifth and sixth were made of adobe

How was the Santa Clara Mission built?

  The first mission to be built, Mission Santa Clara de Thamien (California Historical Landmark, was established at the Indian village of So-co-is-u-ka on the Guadalupe Ri