What can I do if faulty hairdryer nozzle got so hot it burnt chunks of my hair off?

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Why does your hair smell like it is burnt?

Hair is composed alpha keratin. Many of the amino residues in keratin are cysteine, which makes disulfide bonds between polypeptide chains. The disulfide bonds gives rigidity and structure to the hair. Fingernails, feathers, hooves and even tortoise shells are composed of the same protein, they just ( Full Answer )

Why does a hairdryer on the 240 volt setting work in the US and does this mean the switch to change the voltage is faulty and it's not really operating on 240 volts?

Hair dryers usually have a HIGH and a LOW setting.. The HIGH heating element is about 8 ohms.. The LOW heating element is about 32 ohms.. voltage (squared) / resistance = power (watts). 120*120 / 8 = 1800 watts ( HIGH ). 120*120 / 32 = 450 watts ( LOW ). When the voltage switch is set to 240 v ( Full Answer )

Why did the nozzles come out of the hot tube?

They probably just got shoved out by the pressure, often they are just a push in fitting made from plastic which get affected by the heat and lose some of their springiness, either get new ones, or if you are handy heat them up carefully with a heat gun (dont scorch them)and re expand the part that ( Full Answer )

What is a good way to treat burnt hair?

Unfortunately, the hair that is that damaged cannot be repaired. All you can do is to let it grow out, having the burned hair cut off periodically so that eventually you will be back to a full head of healthy hair. Meanwhile, use a gentle shampoo and conditioner and refrain from coloring or otherwis ( Full Answer )

How do you get rid of burnt hair smell in hair?

Burnt Hair \n. \nBurnt hair is caused by extreme heat from hair dryers, sraighteners and even naked flame for examples. To get rid of the smell you need to get good shampoo and conditioner.

What if my plug is very hot and burnt?

Spark plugs are made to be hot. If it is white, it is burning fine. If it is black, it may be running rich(too much fuel).

What to do for burnt hair?

Go to your hairdresser and ask him or her. Typically, you should cut the burnt hair, use more conditioner than normal, and do not use hairdryers, flat irons, curling irons, or anything that uses heat on your hair. Try putting conditioner or olive oil on your damp hair and wrap it with a warm towel ( Full Answer )

How can you fix burnt hair?

you must be patient, it will grow out, in the mean time use a good conditioner. Every time I showered when I had burnt hair, I used hair repair shampoo with aloe vera (or you can use aloe vera gel or anything with more than 50% aloe vera) and rinsed with ice cold water.

How do you get burnt jam off a pot?

most baked or burnt on stains can be easily removed by filling about 1/4 inch water and liberal amount of salt over the stain let set about 30 minutes wala no more stain

What is given off when magnesium is burnt?

hydrogen, when magnesium is being burnt it gives off the gas hydrogen and by the way i am in yr 8 and i gave u an key stage 3 question answer (This is wrong) Only light and heat come off burning magnesium, no hydrogen, I'm in yr8 too! Check your answers!!

If you got burnt by boiling hot tomato soup on your finger what should you do to ease the pain or help it heal faster?

First, if you have a Large blister or oozing sore you need to see a DR to get that treated. you could end up with an infection or worse. If you scalded yourself(red sore but no blister) I would first run cool water over the burn make sure there is no open wound. Then keep the wound cool as poss ( Full Answer )

How does a hairdryer dry wet hair?

When you plug in the hair dryer and turn the switch it on, the electrical current flows through the hair dryer. The circuit first supplies power to the heating element. In most hair dryers this is a bare coiled wire, but in models that are more expensive there can be fancier materials in action, lik ( Full Answer )

What can you expect from your hair salon after they burnt your hair?

Well, they should pay you back for any damages and pain they may have caused. If they were at fault, then the salon should be help responsible to compensate you. Otherwise, I don't know if I would trust the salon again. I would just switch salons, instead of running the chance that the same mistake ( Full Answer )

How does thrust from nozzle help aircraft to take off directly?

try this on , on sub-sonic aircraft convergent exhaust nozzles are used the nozzle comes to a point ">" . what happens is the air moving through cant escape all at once so it builds up pressure, some people are under the misconception that the velocity of the air is the thing pushing the plane forwa ( Full Answer )

How do you fix burnt hair?

You can try a deep conditioning treatment which will help a little, but the best remedy for burnt hair is to have a good hair cut.

Did my gf cheat on me if she was on IM with her ex-bf and after telling him she got all hot - means horny - from their talk she asked him to go out so they logged off and went on a date?

Get the hell away from that fickle girl/woman-whatever, unless you want to be second guessing your relationship forever. Girls like that seem to be a dime a dozen these days. Do not give your heart to her, because she WILL just stomp all over it. BTW, she will not change. The Ex knows that too. Why ( Full Answer )

How do you repair burnt hair?

First of all you need to condition your hair, and avoid using heat on your hair until you can get a hair cut. Once your hair has been cut still avoid using heat for about a week to give your hair chance to gain back its natural oils. If you wish to continue heat styling your hair, maybe give it a br ( Full Answer )

How do you get burnt on plastic off your straightener?

My sister tried to put a seam in a zip-lock baggy. . . With my hair straightener. I reheated it and then used olive oil to get most of it off. After that I used a spoon and scraped morw off. I have to wait for it to cool, then I'm just going to try and peel it, hoping the oil has seeped in enough to ( Full Answer )

What do you do if you get burnt by hot water?

If you are scalded by hot water, you should get cold water on it as quickly as possible. Seek medical attention if it covers a large area or starts blistering.

Your tattoo got burnt and is too deep what do you do?

That leaves a lot to the imagination...If you were burnt by fire, let the skin heal and see what remains, then talk to your professional tattooist about your options.. I once had a client who was imersed in acid up to about the nipple area on one side. He kept himself from going under with one arm.. ( Full Answer )

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Answer: Don't. It's your body and your life and just because your friends decided to throw away theirs is no reason for you to make the same mistake. Save yourself for someone you really want it with. Answer: Also, many of your friends might just be boasting - without it being true, I mean. You c ( Full Answer )

Why is Justin biebers hair so hot?

Justin Bieber's hair is so hot because it is unique and when he flips his hair it looks super cute. His hair is his signature look and it is what makes all the girls love him. Now he has a new hair cut which is even hotter.

What should you do if your hair is burnt with very hot water?

there are a few things you should do. go get a mask for you hair. a good brand is kendra. it also matters what kind of hair you have. if you have thin hair, that hasn't been cut in a while, and you style it a lot then your kinda screwed. but if you have thick hair, or curly hair. or your Asian t ( Full Answer )

How do you fix badly burnt hair?

if you have like black people texture of hair you can use dr.miracle. But if you have White people hair texture you can wash your hair reallly good everyday and probaly 3 times a day so it will probaly change back to how it was. I hope it works if it doesnt im sorry.

How do calories get burnt off?

Your body is constantly burning calories for fuel, whether you're standing up, sitting down, or sleeping. You can speed up the process by exercising (especially cardiovascular exercise, such as running, swimming, biking, Spinning, skiing, ect.) You will be burning far more calories during a hard run ( Full Answer )

Hair smells burnt?

If your hair smells burnt it could be because of a styling product your using like a srtraightener or curler. In order to try and make this smell go away you should let your hair go natural for a few days and when you take a shower let your hair dry naturally so it can absorb the moisture from the w ( Full Answer )

What is the name of a planet that got burnt by the sun?

You might be talking about Mercury, if not I'm going to assume you are talking about Vulcan, the hypothetical planet that during the 19th century was believed to exist between Mercury and the sun and was supposed to be the cause of Mercury's unusual orbit. Indeed Edmond Modeste Lescarbault believed ( Full Answer )

How do you get burnt spaghetti off a pan?

Because spaghetti is a very starchy food, it is easiest to get it off a pan (even after it has burned) by filling the pan with hot water and soaking it for several hours. The water will soften up most of the spaghetti. Once it has softened up, scrape out as much as possible with a metal scraper or s ( Full Answer )

How you got your hair?

YOu get hair by a small process of protcalisation, in doing so your rots grow to cause a manner of spit ends or hairtsyles which you should get cut on a regular basis

How do gas nozzles shut off?

Assuming you're talking about the fuel shut-off mechanism that triggers when your tank is full - the pump nozzle is fitted with a sensor that detects when fuel is 'backing up' rather than flowing properly. The device shuts off the valve delivering the fuel from the nozzle - to prevent it spilling ov ( Full Answer )