What are the laws in Texas on payday loans?

Lenders in Texas must operate under CSO (Credit service Organization). Loan amounts on CSO loans can up to 1800 dollars. There is (sadly) no APR cap on the loans, some lenders (MORE)

Can I be sued for a unpaid payday loan of 900?

Absolutely ! If you've borrowed money against your wages, and default on payments, the finance company can (and will) take you to court to recover their loan. This will res (MORE)

Can you be filed with papers for unpaid payday loans?

If your state allows payday lending, then you could be sued if you failed to pay. This would be civil, not criminal. When internet payday lenders threaten to serve you papers, (MORE)
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Can you go to jail in Texas for payday loans?

Actually, you won't go to jail if you defaulted on payday loans and it doesn't matter in what state you live. However, you can face some problems with your credit score, so, d (MORE)
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Can payday loans sue in AZ for unpaid loans?

Yes, because it's money they borrowed you. It's the interest rates that in the end are going to tap your pocket. Most have a 200% APR interest rate. If you borrowed $800, a (MORE)