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What can be holding the oil pan from coming down after you have taken the oil pan bolts off on a 2000 Daewoo Nubria?

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How do you remove the oil pan on a 2000 Jetta?

The oil pan on the 2000 Jetta is fairly easy to replace. I live on a dirt road and tore a nice sized hole in mine. The two bolts hidden up by the transaxle are the hardest to

How many bolts on a 1989 oil pan?

7 on each side, and two on each end. if 1pc rear main seal like 1989 should be SBC. 2 "bolts" will be studs in the back and the set of bolts should have two nuts. 14 smaller b

Where is the oil pan on a 2000 Kia Sportage?

  look under front bumper at underside of engine,look back you will see a black rounded box looking pan, the first one is your oil pan ,look further back you will see anot

Torque oil pan bolt?

  Oil Pan bolts torque in sequence 15-22 lb ft. or if you mean the drain plug, that is 8-12 lb ft.

How do you get the oil pan off?

Most oil pans are held on with a number of small bolts, 10-18 of them. First you get a pan to drain the waste oil into and a sheet of cardboard or old newspaper to lay under t