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What can fossils of teeth tell us about extinct animals?

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What does the fossil record tell us?

The fossil record tells us what types, kinds, and numbers of organisms may have lived in the past, as well as what they ate, what age they lived in, how they moved, where they

What can fossils tell us about extinct animals?

A fossil can reveal information about extinct animals such as where  the animal lived, how long ago the animal lived, what kinds of  foods the animal ate, and how the animal

What do fossils teach us about extinction?

The kind and numbers of fossils found in different kinds of rocks  give clues about past ecosystems. Fossils give evidence that, in  any ecosystem, some plants and animals s

What can you tell from this fossil about where the animal lived and how it moved how could you learn more about the extinct animal?

Fossil footprints can tell us how the animal moved. The stride length, or the distance between two footprints, tell how fast the animal moved. The longer the stride length, th
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What does a fossil tell us?

Nothing unless you ask it a question. Seriously, that is like asking a question about GOD. Its too complicated to answer in this format. It depends on the context, but fossils