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What can you use to have an orgasm for girls?

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How does a girl get an orgasm?

Through sexual stimulation of the clitoris and other erogenous zones on your body. The easiest way is to know how your body react to different stimuli and find the one most pl

What is an orgasm for a girl?

You will know when she has one. TRUST ME. But its like the Lock Ness monster, we know its there, we just cant find the dang thing! An orgasm is a pleasurable sensation felt by

When can girls have orgasms?

I'm just going to say that a girl can have an Orgasms more then likely when she or someone Else finger her or during or at the end of sex.

How can a girl have a orgasms?

Well, this question must be asked by a young girl, because I had the exact same question when I was young. First of all, it is totally normal to be wondering about sex and mas
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What are the ways of giving a girl an orgasm?

Let her have control. It she can get whatever she wants where she wants it she will orgasm. In that case I guess its kinda like masturbation, but it is the easiest way.
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What should you do to get a girl to orgasm?

Before the opening to the vagina there is a pea sized ball called the clitoris you should stimulate that harder and faster as the sex continues you should also lick her pusst