What care do children with Down syndrome need?

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What is Down syndrome?

Down syndrome is a life-long genetic condition that causes certain physical characteristics and delays in learning and development. In the majority of cases, Down syndrome occurs because of a spontaneous occurrence at around the time of conception that results in the baby having an extra copy of Chr ( Full Answer )

Can children with Down syndrome learn to read?

Yes they can and very well. There are many informative sites concerning the education and no-limits-thinking to promote individual development and achievement of Downs syndrome children.

Is Down syndrome the same as Rett syndrome?

Answer . The symptoms, characteristics and outcomes of these two conditions are quite different. Down syndrome is a developmental disorder. Rett syndrome is classified more specifically as a pervasive developmental disorder. A child with Down syndrome can also have a pervasive developmental disor ( Full Answer )

If you have Down syndrome will you have a Down syndrome kid?

I have a daughter with Downs and I have been told it is VERY PROBABLE...ask your pediatrician There is research on that subject. It can be found in scholarly journals. The ones that I have read say that is is very possible and usually likely that a person with Downs will have a child that does not ( Full Answer )

How do you get downs syndrome?

You do not "get" Down's syndrome. You are born with it. It is achromosomal condition of the 21st chromosome.

Can Down syndrome children still do normal things?

Well, define normal. The truth is, it depends on the individual. Mental retardation is common in Down Syndrome, but the degree varies greatly. Some people with Down Syndrome are able to live independently, work in the community, even go to university. Others are not as capable and require more assis ( Full Answer )

What are the emotional needs of a child with Down Syndrome?

The emotional needs of a child with Down Syndrome or any other disability are the same as any child-- to be loved, respected, cherished, to feel parents/caregivers are proud of them, and to feel safe in their homes as they grow up. All children need kindness and love but also direction, guidance and ( Full Answer )

Is Angelman syndrome the same as Down syndrome?

Angelman syndrome is a genetic disorder, as is Down syndrome. But they are not the same. Angelman Syndrome involves a deletion of Chromosome 15, whereas people with Down syndrome have an extra copy of Chromosome 21.

What do you have to study to become a teacher of children with Down syndrome?

You have to take general education courses first and then when you have completed those you can start gearing towards taking classes for teaching special education. If you would JUST like to teach children with down syndrome and no other disability then you should go on to get your masters in that f ( Full Answer )

Do you need to be license to care for 3 children?

you do not! Actually it depends on the State; for example, in California, if you are already watching one child from one parent, you cannot watch any children from any other family -- you are breaking the law if you do so and the penalties are pretty stiff. No, I am not a lawyer. I am the spous ( Full Answer )

How do you care for people with Down syndrome?

See the Related Links below for information about caring for a baby or a child with Down syndrome. In addition, many other useful links can be found witin these websites.

What are the special needs of someone with Down syndrome?

I have a 4-year-old son with Down syndrome. "Special needs" is just a way of saying that the person with the disability will need extra attention in every aspect of their lives. For example, early intervention in babies and young children with "special needs" is always good. It helps them get sta ( Full Answer )

What subjects do you need to study in order to work with people who have Down syndrome?

child development, actually none just be you, get involved spend time, talk w/ parents, talk to a child whom has down syndrome, take continueing education courses, that involve working w/ persons w/ disabilities, volunteer for special olympics. Or obtain a part time job as a respite provider at a gr ( Full Answer )

How do you take care of a child with Down syndrome?

A down syndrome child is fairly normal depending on the percentage of the case i.e. the intensity of the patient. I would know this because my sister is a down syndrome child having it at only 5%. Basing on her case, her behaviour is normal although her appearance may show some signs. For instance, ( Full Answer )

What are the nutritional needs of a child with Down syndrome?

The nutritional needs for child with Downs Syndrome would be same as any child with two possibly three difference: Their immune system tends to be weaker so more fruit would help with vitamin C; Since their activity level maybe lower than average child watching how much calories they intake would be ( Full Answer )

Where can you find a respite program for children in Philadelphia PA with Down syndrome?

There are some places in West Philadelphia and all over the city; it just depends on how old your child/the child in question is. The website of the Community Legal Services of Philadelphia offers the following, although it doesn't specify if this is applicable for children with Down syndrome: S ( Full Answer )

Who can get Down Syndrome?

Anyone can but it is passed through your gene's whilst the mother is carrying the child

Why do children need care when ill?

Its like...hmmm....Ok its like when your sick at the age of 3 or 6 or around some age you might think your ding so parents have to keep your chin up

What 'A' levels do you need for teaching children who have Down syndrome?

Teachers who work with children who have disabilities in the UK are known as special educational needs (SEN) teachers. A The prerequisite for becoming an SEN teacher is qualified teacher status (QTS). B This is generally achieved by completing one of the following: B . Postgraduate Certificate ( Full Answer )

What do parents of a child with Down syndrome need to know?

a lot; more than can be described here, and there are many good books on the subject. go to amazon and search for some, and check the feedback and ratings to determine which may be good for you, also there are support groups, both in person and online; you should also talk to like minded folks in th ( Full Answer )

What adjustments might children with Asperger's Syndrome need in a classroom?

The child would need to try and make friends, usually the class teacher. \nChildren with Asperger's Syndrome DO have the ability to make friends like any other person, but dislike it when adults try to force them to make friends. \nAsperger's Syndrome makes it harder for the diagnosed to be social ( Full Answer )

Are people with Down syndrome capable of having children without Down syndrome?

A child born to a parent who has DS has a 50% chance of also havingan extra 21st chromosome. The genetics of the other parent will beequally significant. People with Down syndrome experience 'normal' sexuality and haveequal rights under the law to be sexually active and to becomeparents.

Can you seek an intermittent FMLA daycare for your Down syndrome daughter when you have nobody else to care for her?

I would recommend contacting your local community services board or social services. There are government programs that can provide paid-for care for your daughter. I live in Virginia and here it is called the MR Waiver. You do have to find your own personal attendant, which can be a difficult proce ( Full Answer )

Is there any syndrome that is similar to Down syndrome?

No, there is not. Down syndrome is unique in its characteristics and scientific identification. 2nd Answer: Sort of . . . there are other 'mistakes' that occur for the same reason that Down syndrome occurs, and many of them are named. The thing is, though, that the body has such a high range of to ( Full Answer )

How can you get Down Syndrome?

Down syndrome is a result of a genetic abnormality that is present from the stage of a single fertilized egg. Specifically, it is when the embryo has three copies of chromosome #21 instead of the normal two copies. It is therefore also known as trisomy 21. This being said, you cannot "get" down syn ( Full Answer )

If there is Down syndrome on your husband's side are you likely to have a special needs baby?

You're husband may not necessarily have the down syndrome allele. Also the only way you would have a special needs baby is if you also have the recessive (down syndrome) allele. Here are the chances: If neither of you have the recessive (down syndrome) allele - 0% If one of you have the recessive ( Full Answer )

Are children of Down Syndrome parents normal?

That would mean that the mother is the one with Down syndrome, since men with Down syndrome are sterile. There is a 50% chance that the child will have Down syndrome and 50% chance that child will be born without.

Which charities help children with Down syndrome?

National Down Syndrome Society is one of the organizations that help spread awareness and seek cure for Down syndrome. Research Down Syndrome www.researchds.org is a 501c3 non-profit foundation that supports Down syndrome cognitive research at leading universities with the goal of developing biome ( Full Answer )

Why do children need care?

Children need care as their bodies and mind are not yet fully developed to care for themselves

What is an down syndrom?

its when the chromosomes 21 make a 3rd chromosome . i does not split causing it to have 3 chromosomes on one egg. this can cause down syndrome .

Can males with Down syndrome father children?

No, they usually cannot. Down syndrome usually causes the male to be infertile. Though there have been some cases of a man with DS fathering a child.