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What caused the amount of oxgen in the atmosphere to stabilize to the extent that it is today?

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What do you understand by atmospheric stability How does the solar energy affect atmospheric stability and the visibility of the atmosphere?

QAMAR ABBAS ENVIRONMENTALIST GILGIT ASTORE Actually temperature decreases with altitude called as lapse rate, greater the lapse rate of atmosphere the more it will be unstabl

What is oxgen?

  Oxygen is the gas that human breaths in.    2. is not a mineral  3. its a gas/vapor

The greenhouse effect is caused by an increase in the amount of ozone in the atmosphere?

Absolutely not. The greenhouse effect is a naturally occurring absorption of heat, mostly by water vapor, that allows us to have some heat during hours of no sunlight. Without

What causes changes in the amount of water vapor in the atmosphere?

Temperature, pressure, and water availability. For example, if you decrease temperature, the air cannot hold as much water vapor, this is the main cause of dew in the morning.

Describe the extent and structure of the atmosphere?

Earth's atmosphere is comprised of layers of gases that are retained by the earth's gravity. There are 5 main layers: exosphere - outermost layer stratosphere thermosphere mes

How can changes in the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere cause global warming?

Carbon dioxide is totally transparent in the visible spectrum of light, but somewhat opaque at some infrared frequencies. Thus, it allows the sun's energy to pass freely throu
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How does human activity cause the amount of carbon dioxide to increase in the atmosphere?

The human activities of deforestation and the burning of fossil fuels have caused the amount of carbon dioxide to increase in the atmosphere. Cutting down trees means that few