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What caused the amount of oxgen in the atmosphere to stabilize to the extent that it is today?

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How does human activity cause the amount of carbon dioxide to increase in the atmosphere?

The human activities of deforestation and the burning of fossil fuels have caused the amount of carbon dioxide to increase in the atmosphere. Cutting down trees means that few

What causes changes in the amount of water vapor in the atmosphere?

Temperature, pressure, and water availability. For example, if you decrease temperature, the air cannot hold as much water vapor, this is the main cause of dew in the morning.

What is Germany's political stability like today?

  Germany is generally regarded as stable. Certainly, its system of government is very stable.   German electoral law, with its heavy emphasis on proportional represent
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Describe the extent and structure of the atmosphere?

Earth's atmosphere is comprised of layers of gases that are retained by the earth's gravity. There are 5 main layers: exosphere - outermost layer stratosphere thermosphere mes