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What causes people to have special needs and why does people call that stuff special needs any ways?

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Do people with klinefelter's disease need special attention?

  Generally they do not need special attention. However, in early childhood they may suffer from learning disabilities and be a bit more awkward than many other boys of a

Do people need a special place to worship?

Some seem to judging from the number of places of worship that exist and are still being built.     ANSWER:   It depends on whom you worship. If you are going to wo

Do hamsters have any special needs?

  Well normal syrian hamsters don't normally have any speacial needs unless they have an illness. They just need to be cleaned one a week and like to be handled and fresh

Did he help people in any special way?

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Do special-needs people know they are special-needs people?

Among some debate, "special-needs people" will have some awareness they are different and may have some intellectual reference to their categorization depending on their psych

What special skills do people need to go to Antarctica?

People are hired to live and work in Antarctica on a temporary basis, based on science being performed there. Skills include science-based skills, and skills to support peopl

What subjects do you need to look after special needs people?

You need the same qualifications as you would to look after children without special needs. The main thing you need for this type of work is a big heart, understanding, empath