What channel is ABC family on for brighthouse?

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What song was used in the Smallville commercial on the ABC Family Channel a couple of years ago?

\n. \n Smallville Song \n. \nI believe the song you are referring to is the same as the theme song and that would be "Save ME", by Remy Zero.

What is the channel number for abc?

Your question cannot be answered, it entirely depends on the city you're referring to and which cable or satellite provider is being used.

What channel is ABC family?

It depends on your location & cable or satellite provider. ABCFamily is not located on the same numerical channel everywhere .

What were the clips from Twilight on ABC family?

If you're talking about when they showed clips from twilight on Greek, then the cafeteria scene and the ballet studio scene. :)

Which TV-channel is ABC in the U.K.?

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What channel is ABC Kids?

It depends which cable service and which city you live in. It could be any channel.

What channel is ABC in Texas?

The ABC affiliates in Texas are: Abilene - KTXS-TV - Channel 12 Amarillo - KVII-TV - Channel 7 Austin - KVUE - Chann- Channel 24 Beaumont - KBMT-TV - Channel 12 Bryan - KRHD-LP - Channel 40 Corpus Christi - KIII-TV - Channel 3 Dallas - WFAA-TV - Channel 8 El Paso - KVIA-TV - Channel 7 Houston - KTRK-TV - Channel 13 Lubbock - KAMC - Channel 28 Lufkin - KTRE-TV - Channel 9 Midland - KMID-TV - Channel 2 San Antonio - KSAT-TV - Channel 12 Tyler - KLTV - Channel 7 Victoria - KAVU-TV - Channel 25 Waco - KXXV-TV - Channel 25 Weslaco - KRGV-TV - Channel 5 Pick the city closest to you.

What channel is ABC on direct tv?

Your local channels (ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX) will vary depending onwhat market you are located in.

What channel is ABC on dish network?

You can go to www.dishnetwork.com to find your local channel numbers. Just click on the link, Check TV Schedule, which takes you to another page. Select your programming package and input your zip code. On the following page, you will see a list of all the channels in your area, locals being the first channels listed. . ABC depends upon where you are located (ex- your state & zip code,) this is because ABC is considered one of your local affiliates & therefore will be found on one of your local channel numbers.

What channel is the ABC on comcast?

Even though you said that it was comcast the channels very with the area. Sometimes the cable station will try to keep the same channel number as the over the air broadcast station. Here in Detroit Metro area comcast will use use channel 7 for non HD and channel 231 For HD broadcasts. ABC Family is on two other channels 72 and channel 229 for the HD. were i live its 26 Verizon is 199 What I personally do for my TV Viewing information is to bookmark on Firefox and make a favorite on Internet explorer the TV listing portion that I have personally updated with my information on provider and area code and favorite stations at site called Zap2it. You can Google the name to locate the site, log on with a new id with no problems, then whenever you want to find any TV information it's right their. I normally bookmark a new listing date 2 weeks in the future whenever I use the site to keep it always in date whenever I click on it. They offer much more than just listings as you can also see new previews and finales listed by the month.

What tv channel is ABC Family on rogers in Canada?

ABC Family is in the US. Try watching MUCH or MTV. The Spring premiere will premiere the same day on MUCH or MTV as on ABC FAMILY.

Where to find movie pop rocks debuted over the ABC family channel on September 2004?

Its not available. I spent a month trying to order it, rent it, watch it on-line, etc. I finally called ABC headquaters and after about 30 minutes of talking to various folks, they finally told me that ABC does not release previous made for family movies and have no plans to do so in the future. That was in late 2011 when they told me this. I periodically peruse the web to see if I can find the movie, and other ABC family movies from the past few years and not been successful.

Does shaw have ABC family?

I don't believe so. I have checked with the shaw website, and it's not listed in their channel guide.

What channel is ABC family on if you have cox cable?

If you're near Macon ga, i believe it is channel 15, or around that area. :)

What channel is Rogers TV ABC?

ABC is on channel 18 on Rogers TV. ABC stands for the AmericanBroadcasting Company and was founded in 1943.

What channel is abc on dish?

ABC is a local station. The channel is based on your area. The link below in sources will allow you to lookup the locals in your zip code!

What channel does ABC come on?

ABC comes on different channels depending on what area of thecountry you live in. There is not one consistent channel ABC is on,however it is usually with the major network channels, below 10.

What channel is family channel?

The answer is 51 if u have rogers cable or 588 if u want HD

What channel is ABC family on satellite?

channel 9 If you have DISH Network you will be able to find ABC Family on channel 180.

Is ABC and ABC family on the same channel?

no they are two different channels run by the same company Yes, but they are not on the same channel if its in HD.

Which channel is ABC on cable-TV?

ABC might be on a different channel in every town. Each cable company puts it on any channel of their choosing, look in the newspaper for the TV LISTINGS, or call the cable company. They have a print out card for their subscribers.

What is the channel number of ABC in Texas?

It depends on what city you are in, and also the Cable/Satelite company you have. I do Know that ABC in San Antonio is 32.

What channel is ABC for dish?

You can locate your local channels from our website at dishnetwork. On the home page in the upper right hand corner is a link, Check TV Schedule; click on that link, select your programming package, input your zip code, and select Submit. On the next page it will display all your channels available with your programming package. All local channels are listed first. Just look for the ABC channel.

What channel is ABC on in HD?

From TWDC (Time Warner Digital Cable) there is no ABCHD. Its actually WSOCHD. Its on Channel 235.

Channel 5 is ABC in dart mass?

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What channel is ABC in dish network?

You can go to the Dish Network website to find your local channel numbers. In the upper right hand corner below Login is a link, Check TV Schedule. Click on this link. On the next page, select your programming package and input your zip code, then press Submit. The next page will display all the channels with channel numbers for all your channels beginning with your local channels.

Does dish Latino have ABC family?

yes :p If you have or were to subscribe to the DishLATINO Max programming package, it does include ABC Family.

What channel is ABC family on in Pakistan?

I'm sorry this may sound disappointing but ABC family never is available in Pakistan :( I myself searched like crazy but it never came

Will Huge return to ABC Family?

No, the show was cancelled. But it really should return because it was really good.

What channel is ABC on Dallas?

ABC in Dallas is on channel 8. You can go to our website at dishnetwork and click on the link in the upper right hand corner, Check TV Schedule, any time you want to find your channels. Select your programming package, input your zip code, and select Submit. A list of all your channels appear on the next page. The lower channel numbers will begin with your local channels.

What channel is ABC on in Virginia?

Area served . City of license . VC . RF . Callsign . Network . Notes . Bristol. ~Kingsport TN. 19. 27. WKPT-TV. ABC. Harrisonburg. Harrisonburg. 3. 49. WHSV-TV. ABC. Norfolk. Hampton. 13. 13. WVEC. ABC. Richmond. Petersburg. 8. 22. WRIC-TV. ABC. Roanoke/Lynchburg. Lynchburg. 13. 13. WSET-TV. ABC.

Can you get ABC Family on freeview?

It's not on freeview no more it got dropped but it's stupid because loads of people want it back

What channel is ABC family on in Miami beach fl?

On Comcast in the Decoplage Building on Lincoln Rd. in South Beach it is Channel 63.

Is the ABC family channel free?

On some televions yes it is On other you will have to pay a bill costing about 100 dollars

What channel is ABC family in dish?

You can find ABC Family on channel 180 on DISH in the Top 120 package and above.

What channel is ABC tv on dishnetwork?

To clarify with DISH Network the channel that ABC will be found on, would be dependent upon where you are located (ex- your state & zip code,) this is because ABC is considered one of your local affiliates & therefore will be found on one of your local channel numbers. Indeed channel 180 is ABC Family- but unless your looking for ABC family then ABC will be found on one of your local channels. They are two different channels so depends which one you are looking for.

What channel does ABC come on in dish?

Your local Dish station depends upon where you live. Most local channels on Dish satellite are located within the channel 3-50 range.

What channel is syfy on demand for brighthouse networks?

Orlando Brighthouse is 204 (w/HD available). Hard to find. Not listed anywhere that I could find. I just had to go through it over and over again.

What are the songs for cyberbully on ABC family?

Breathe Me- Sia (suicide scene) Drift- Emily Osment (scott is talking to another girl about the dance) Chit Chat- Hannah Geogas (somewhere in the beginning) Build You Up- Kim Taylor (she's crying for the 2nd time)

What channel is ABC on for dish?

Your local Dish Network stations are located on different channel numbers based on where you live. Usually, local channels are located within the 2-60 channel range.

What ABC family movies are on Netflix?

Cyberbully, Campus Confidental, snowglode, 12 dates of christmas, revenge of the bridesmaids, desperately seeking santa, snow, snow 2, pizza my heart There are lots more, too!!

What channel is ABC Family for Mediacom?

It is on 48 but i dont know what channel it is on for hd.

What channel number is ABC family on bell?

If you are talking about Bell Expressvu Satelite then you will not find it. ABC family is not available in Canada, only in The US.

What cable channel is abc?

Every Cable Television company has different channel numbers for abc. Contact your Cable television provider.

Can you watch ABC Family in the UK?

No, this may be hard to believe, but "American Broadcasting Company" is not available in the United Kingdom.

What channel is ABC family on in US?

That completely dpends on where you live and what television provider you are currently in contract with.

How has ABC channel impacted this cause?

The ABC Channel is called Australian Broadcasting Corporation. ABC provides non-commercial channels in Australia. ABC channel was first launched first in 1956.

Where is one able to watch the ABC family channel online for free?

One cannot watch the ABC channel for free online, but some of their shows can be watched for free on their official website. It is only available to residents of the USA.

Is channel 27 abc?

It depends on which city you are asking about. Many US cities have a channel 27, and they are not all ABC affiliates. Three channel 27s that are ABC affiliates are located in Harrisburg PA, Tallahassee FL, and Madison WI.

What tv channel is ABC television on?

ABC television is on channel 7 in San Francisco, but it airs on a different channel for each different region. In Sacramento, it is on channel 10. In LA, it is on channel 7.