What channel is the weather channel for direct tv in Houston Texas?

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Why is KETH-TV - TBN channel 14 Houston Texas - off the air?

September 18, 2008: I received an e-mail from a TBN employee who stated that due to Hurricane Ike, there is no power at the transmitter site, and the station's antenna received some damage and is in need of repairs. They will begin making the repairs after the power is restored, but they do not know (MORE)

On direct tv what channel is radio Disney?

It was channel 867 but as of recent. I can not find it on direct tv anymore. They have made some changes in the recent weeks. I just flipped through all the music choice channels. You can still listen to radio Disney online from their web site. http://radio.Disney.go.com/index.HTML As of (MORE)

How do you get a channel on direct tv?

If you're a current subscriber to the channel, it's just a matter of tuning the channel in. If not, then you probably need to add to your subscription.

What channel is Joel osteen on direct tv?

Joel Osteen airs on ABC Family on Sunday nights at 11:00 PM Central time, airs on TBN (Trinity Broadcasting Network) on Sunday nights at 7:00 PM Central time, airs on Discovery Channel on Sunday mornings at 6:58 AM Central Time, airs on USA Network on Sunday mornings at 7:30 AM Central Time, and air (MORE)

What is the versus channel for direct tv?

I went to Versus.com and clicked on Schedule and on the left there was a little box that said enter your zip code to find your versus channel number, it brought up all the cable providers, direct tv and dish tv for my area.\n. \n. \nhttp://www.versus.com/schedule

What channel is discovery channel on direct tv?

The Discovery channel is channel 278 on DirecTV. On the remote, goto the menu, then Search for Shows, then in the search box on theleft spell out DIS and the channels that start with DIS will bedisplayed. Select the one you want and there you are.

What channel is on for sonic x in direct tv?

Last time I saw it on it was on the CW channel. And the channel was 57,394,395. that's were you can see sonic x, sonic x Cam's on Saturday's at 8:00-9:00a.m in channel 57, 6:00-7:00 a.m in channel 394, and 9:00-10:00 am on channel 395. I would say 57. :)

What channel is vs on direct tv?

Consult your local DirectTV guide, or go online and check your guide by typing in your zip code or if you have DirecTV then simply check your on screen guide.

What channel is discovery on direct tv?

278 - Discovery 413 - Discovery en Espanol 436 - Discovery Familia 279 - Discovery Health Channel 294 - Discovery Kids BTW- You can use the Menu button -> Search for Shows -> Channel -> Then type the channel you wanna find. ^-^ Thanks for using Answers.com (wiki.answers.com)

What channel is hockey on for DIRECT TV?

That's a tough question. What kind of hockey; collage or NHL? You might want to check Direct TV's website. They will probably have a guide of what's on for that week. You might even have a guide built into your TV.

What channel is Wipeout on direct TV?

Unfortunately, it is not on cable but if you get free view it is exactly the same price and many more other free channels that or you can watch on BBC iplayer.

What channel is nppl on direct tv?

Paintball on tv is almost impossible to come by anymore, as viewer ratings just dont satisfy TV companies. at pspevents.com or nppl.com you may check event dates and there are usually webcasts!

Is there a Chinese channel on direct TV?

There are no Chinese stations on the basic DirecTV packages. However, DirecTV offers multiple packages for people who want international channels. It costs extra, and will require another "dish" to be installed at your house though.

What channel is 26on direct tv?

Channel 26 or any other channel number can be anything on any carrier in any market (city). So without much more information no one can tell you.

What channel is the WWE network on for Direct TV?

The WWE Network is a not a regular cable channel. The formatting ofthe WWE Network is very similar to Netflix in that you pay for amembership and can stream content from the actual online platforms.You can use your Playstation, XBOX, Roku or computer to watch andstream the WWE Network.

Why is direct tv cuttin off channels?

Viacom wants to renew contract with direct tv which the 7 yr agreement they have is over and Viacom wants. Few more dollars for trite channels and direct tv doesn't want to pay the increased or same price

What are the 26 channels direct tv lost?

Nickelodeon Comedy Central MTV BET VH1 CMT Logo Spike TV Land MTV2 VH1 Classic Palladia Nick Jr. NickToons TeenNick Nickelodeon West Tr3s Centric MTV India Nickelodeon HD Comedy Central HD MTV HD BET HD VH1 HD CMT HD and Spike HD I personally think Viacom has made a big error in judgment on this (MORE)

What channel is root sports on direct TV?

Root Sports on DirectTV is located on a few different channels. The channels are 687 and 688. Root Sports may only be available in certain regions of the United States.

What is the TV Guide Channel in Houston?

There is no TV Guide Channel in Houston. You can look up various online TV guides which you can personalize to Houston if you need to find out what is showing there.