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What is a chemical battery?

A chemical battery is a battery with chemicals in it. Every electrical battery has chemicals which react to produce a potential difference (voltage) between the terminals. The (MORE)

What chemicals do batteries have in them and are all batteries the same?

Depends what kind of batteries All batteries do the same thing. Have the same purpose and can conduct electricity. The alkaline battery can take the square or cylindrical f (MORE)

What chemicals are in batteries?

This varies from one type of battery to another:    lead acid: plates lead and lead oxide, electrolyte liquid  sulphuric acid  standard carbon zinc: plates carbon and (MORE)

What chemicals are in a battery?

A standard dry cell battery is made from zinc and can filled with a paste of zinc chloride and ammonium chloride. At the centre is a graphite rod surrounded by a paste of mang (MORE)

How do the chemicals in a battery make the battery work?

Batteries convert chemical energy into electricity. Batteries are made up of one or more separate sections, or cells, containing a chemical called an electrolyte. Each cell (MORE)

What are some chemical batteries?

Some common battery chemistries are: Zinc-carbon: Zn + 2MnO 2 + 2NH 4 + --> Mn 2 O 3 + Zn(NH 3 ) 2 2+ + H 2 O, Zinc-chloride: Zn + 2MnO 2 + ZnCl 2 + 2H 2 O --> 2 (MORE)