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What child hood events made shake spear into a dramatist?

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How was Britney Spears child hood?

  Even as a child, she was a very talented girl and by the mere age of 4 she was performing in plays and singing solo to big crowds, her parents sort of pushed her and she

What is a spear made of?

Typically, Ash, Oak or Hickory wood, hardened by slow-roasting over a fire.

What is a spear made from?

A metal head (ussually iron or steel, however prior to that; bronze) tanged or socketed onto a wooden haft, ancient Greeks used poplar as far as I'm aware, vikings, normans, a

How did shakes speare die?

i dont know how he died but died on his birthday I read on a few sites that he had a cold and went to a party where he had a few too many drinks causing him to die. I don'

What is an spear made of?

A spear as in the medieval weapon? Steal and wood, or just steel, and if you go back far enough, wood, vine, stone. Lawl

What is a spear made out of?

A spear is made of a long shaft of wood attached to a sharpened head. The head of a spear was either stone, or in later days, some type of metal with iron being the strongest.
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What poetry did shake speare write?

He wrote the long poems Venus and Adonis, The Rape of Lucrece, and the Phoenix and the Turtle, 154 sonnets and one or two other insignificant works. Large portions of his play