Salary of the us coast guard?

The salary of a member of the US Coast Guard is the same as other services ie. Navy, Army, Marine Corps. You get paid by your rank E-1 through E-10* for the enlisted. Note, E- (MORE)

When was the US Coast Guard founded?

The origins of the U.S. Coast Guard go as far back as 1790, whenthe "Revenue Cutter Service" was established as part of theDepartment of the Treasury. In 1915, this agency was (MORE)

Are water wings coast guard approved?

No- Inflatable 'water wings' are more of a toy than a life saving device. They can easily pop or come off a child's arm. A life jacket is the best protection for your child i (MORE)

What is the mission of the US coast guard?

"The Coast Guard is a military, multi-mission, maritime force offering a unique blend of military, law enforcement, regulatory, and diplomatic capabilities." These capabilitie (MORE)

What is a requirement for the US Coast Guard approved inflatable PFDs?

The US Coast Guard has a great brochure on choosing the correct like vest. You can access it at related links below. Having the correct life vest is imperative to your safe (MORE)