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What color tube is needed for an RH antibody screen?

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Does a RH negative individual normally contain anti RH antibodies?

No. Rh-antibodies only develop in cases of pregnancy, miscarriage or a blood transfusion like if you have rh-negative blood you got AB blood. Your RH-antibodies then work to a

Does your mother are father need to be rh- for you to have rh- what if they are not?

  I am an RN and specialize in genetics. RH- is recessive gene, meaning the parents can both be RH+, which is a dominant gene, and if they both have a recessive gene for R

What causes the production of Rh antibodies?

Exposure to the Rh (or D) antigen. Most common in mothers who are Rh- who have a child that is Rh+. The mothers immune system will produce Rh antibodies and the blood cells of