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What could involve discrimination or reverse discrimination?

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What is discrimination?

The definition of Discrimination is to treat individuals or a groupof people differently because of race, religion, gender, age,disability, physical demeanour, nationality, an

What is the discriminant?

If a quadratic equation is ax2+bx+c then we can learn something about the roots without completely solving the quadratic formula. The discriminant is b2-4ac. You may recog

What is discriminating?

Discriminating is when one points out anothers difference/flaw and makes them stand out for it or feel embarrssed or resented.   In politics it means treating some people d

Reverse discrimination is defined as?

what occurs when an individual who is not a minority is discriminated against because of advantages given to minority group members.APEX Approved***what occurs when an individ

Is reverse discrimination a form of remedy?

Discrimination doesn't really cure discrimination; it truly only makes more individuals upset, so no, it's not a remedy. Though trying to make things equal on what was so unev