What credit score is needed for an apple computer?

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What credit score do you need to have to get a credit card?

Answer . The lowest score you can have and get a decent interest rate would probably be in the 660-620 range.\nThere are companies willing to issue a card or loan to almost

What credit score do you need to get a credit card?

Answer . \n. \nBelow you will find an approximate example of what an issuer may use in regards to credit. One factor to consider is the rate will differ dramatically fro

What should your credit score be when you are appling for a credit card?

it really doesnt matter now and days it also depends on what type of credit care you're applying for. if you're looking for a good debit card you can go to rushcard.com and u

How is your credit score computed?

Credit scores are personal information. If you can tell me how your credit score is computed then I will tell you how my credit score is computed. Okay?

How are credit scores computed?

Weighted the formula in this facts with these percentages. Payment History 35% New Credit 10% Type of credit 10% Length of Credit history 15% Amount Owed 30%

Why we need credit scores?

Credit scores allow a business to determine in advance if you are more or less likely to and able to pay back a loan or credit card debt.

Do apple computers need antivirus?

As an owner of an Apple iMac for almost 5 years my answer is no, you do not need any anti-virus software installed on your Mac. There has not been one real world virus to ever

How does transunion compute credit scores?

Transunion does not release specific details of how they calculate credit scores, but the score depends on your past credit history and how you have paid debts. It can also be

What information is needed to calculate credit score?

Credit scores use information from three key areas of your credit report: account information (such as credit cards, auto loans, student loans, mortgages and rent), public rec

How do you under score on apple computer?

If the program you are using follows Apple's standards, highlight the word(s) and then hold down the command key and hit the letter "u" for underline. Keep in mind that the p