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What dates are important in the state of Georgia?

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What could happen if you go to your court date but you can't pay your fines in the state of Georgia?

  Answer     First and foremost show up on the date of the hearing, without fail! Non appearance will only result in more serious charges and problems for a defe

Why is Georgia important?

Georgia was one of the original 13 colonies. Georgia was important because it was a safehaven for debtors, or people who owed money to the King of England, many people who cou

Why are the Barrier Islands of Georgia important to Georgia?

With Georgia being a state near the ocean the Barrier Islands are very beneficial. Due to their location the barrier islands help prevent damage from hurricanes, serious storm

Why are peaches so important to Georgia?

Georgia, commonly known as the "Peach State", places a high importance on the peach because it plays a major role in their agriculture economy. Peaches first appeared in Georg

Why were the Cherokee forced out of Georgia by the state of Georgia?

There is more than one reason:. The Cherokee held a good sized portion of very fertile land, and; . The State of Georgia had sold that land to settlers (without legal title

What were important dates in the United States Georgia history?

Georgia has a pretty exciting history. Here are some of the events.   1. 1733: James Oglethorpe founds Savannah in Georgia.   2. 1788: Georgia becomes a state.   3. 1