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What design needs does nano technology meet?

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How does technology change to meet the need of people?

Answer . \nEventually technology will become so advanced and useful that it causes the human race to stop evolving. Thomas Malthus pointed out that during times of famine

Is nano technology harmful?

Any technology presents advantages and dangers, as does nanotech. There are two different uses of the term "nanotechnology" just now. One deals with material reduced to tiny p

Is nano -technology small?

some are big and some are small. some are long and some are short. just like a human raise. some human is fat and some are thin, same as the iPod.

What are the prerequistes for studying nano technology?

You must be very narrow minded! Lol joking. I would say a good understanding of classical physics, maybe basic knowledge of quantum physics, and some electrical knowledge. Mos

How does technology change to meet the needs of people?

Danh's answer [ because this will definitely vary depending on the person you ask, here's my answer. first, you must understand what technology is. technology is creating new

What technology no longer meets peoples needs?

There are so many technologies that have been overcome by event that a single answer is impossible. One technology that no longer meets peoples needs would be 8-track tape. An

What exactly is Nano Technology?

Nano Technology is the manipulation of matter on an atomic and molecular scale. The study of Nano technology is a sort of new technology that no one knows what will really com