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What did Marty potter have in the second grade?

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What are the school grades of Harry Potter?

The succession of grades in Harry Potter goes, from best to worst, O (Outstanding), E (Exceeds Expectation), A (Acceptable), P (Poor), D (Not sure), and T (Troll).  Harry hi

How old are you when you enter second grade?

It depends on when your birthday is, and also the rules in your  state about when kids can start school.    All US states have a requirement that a child be 5 years ol

What grade did Harry Potter get in herbology?

Harry Potter received an 'E' for Exceed Expectations, one grade level under "Outstanding" and one of the 3 passing O.W.L. grades. [SPOILER] Harry did not receive any grade

What is Harry Potter 99 seconds?

'Harry Potter in 99 seconds' is a clever musical performace posted on Youtube by Jon Cozart. In the song which, you guessed it, lasts 99 seconds (1m 30s), Jon Cozart tells the