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What contributions to the understanding of DNA did Rosalind Franklin make?

Rosalind Franklin in DNA Rosalind Franklin used crystallography to make an x-ray image of the structure of DNA that led to the discovery of the double-helix by Watson and Cric (MORE)
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What is the shape of the DNA molecule?

The shape of the DNA molecule is referred to as a double helix. To understand what that looks like, think of a flexible ladder. If you held one side of the ladder, and twist (MORE)
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Rosalind Franklins role in DNA discovery?

She discovered the first ever picture of DNA using x-ray diffraction. Using this picture, she was able to find that it was a double-helix structure. Watson and Crick stole her (MORE)

How did rosalind Franklin help with DNA?

Rosalind Franklin helped Watson and Crick view DNA by the use of x-rays. Her x-rays helped Watson and Crick build a model of a DNA molecule made out of tin that helped scienti (MORE)

Who was rosalind Franklin and what did she contribute for the discovery of DNA?

Rosalind Franklin was a PhD bio-chemist who specialized in x-ray  photography of organic chemicals. She made three major  contributions to the final work of Crick and Watson (MORE)