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What did Sandy Roger's Roy Rogers son die from?

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Breed of Roy Roger's horse?

Tennessee Walker Actually in "Cowboy Princess" written by Roy's daughter, Cheryl Rogers-Barnett who was his first child, she was adopted by Roy and his first wife who passed

What was roy roger's signature song?

  'Happy Trails' was the theme to the Roy Rogers radio and then television show. It was written by Dale Evans and sung by her and Roy at the end of every show. When Roy wa

What movies did roy rogers die in?

Roy Rogers in TV shows played a modern Western Sheriff who used both Horses and modern vehicles ( such as Jeeps) Both were shown as were, from what I understood Guided missile

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When did Roy Rogers die?

Roy Rogers died on July 6, 1998 at the age of 86.

Who was Roy Roger's sidekick?

Trigger was his horse; Dale Evans his wife. He had two sidekicks (at different times) Gabby Hayes and Pat Brady (who drove a jeep named "Nellybelle"). He actually had three di

What was Roy Roger's jeep called?

\nThe Jeep which was owned by Roy Rogers but was driven on the show by Pat Brady was named Nellybelle.

What was the cause of death for Roy Roger's horse Trigger?

  Trigger was born in 1932 and died, presumably of old age, in 1965. His son, Trigger Junior, replaced him in the movies circa 1957/8, as the old boy was apparently too ol
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Who is Roy Rogers?

Roy Rogers was a chidrens matinee idol in the 1940's/50's,usually known as the 'King of the Cowboys'.He starred in 88 films.