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What did loenardo da vinci accomplish?

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What did loenardo da vinci invent?

Leonardo DA vinci invented the Mona Lisa he also invented sculptors working for people like Andrea Del verrocchio he gave up his job because Leo was no match for the work tha

What did Leonardo da Vinci accomplish?

Leonardo Da Vinci accomplished many things. One of his biggest accomplishments were the wonderful paintings he has created like the Mona Lisa.

What accomplishments did Leonardo da Vinci achieve?

You probably know about a lot of the artistic accomplishments of Leonardo da Vinci such as the Mona Lisa however he also started revolutions in music, engineering, and science

How does the 'Da Vinci Code' relate to Leonardo da Vinci?

Answer 2: The 'Da Vinci Code' is a detective novel by Dan Brown. It is a work of fiction. 3, In the novel Leonardo is featured prominately, his works and inventions or blue

Was Leonardo da Vinci born in vinci?

Yes that's why he was called Leonarda da Vinci, the literal translation is Leonardo of Vinci, he didn't have a surname when he was born so he was called Leonardo di ser Piero