Where was Anne Frank?

Anne was born in Frankfurt Germany and moved to Amsterdam, Holland when she was young. they went into hiding when she was 13 and were caught 25 months later. she later died wi (MORE)

What did they do to Anne Frank?

Anne and her family were first sent to Aushwitz, and later she and Margot were selected for transport to Bergen-Belsen. They both died of typhus in Belsen, sometime in early M (MORE)

What does Anne Franks diary tell us about her?

Her diary told us that she was an remarkable girl and she was very bright. She was very beautiful and very funny . She also had a loving heart to live with . She made sure s (MORE)

What is Anne Frank about?

Anne Frank was a girl who lived during WWII. When she was 13 years old, she received a red and white checked diary for her birthday. Her mother and father were Edith and Otto (MORE)

Why did Anne Frank do what she did?

Some people keep a diary, and in the case of Anne Frank it would seem reasonable to think that keeping a record of what was happening to her and her family and friends was a w (MORE)