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What did the cavaliers get there nickname for?

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What is a cavalier spaniel?

The Cavalier is a dog that looks quite similar to the more common dog breed, the Cocker Spaniel. They originate in England, and are an awesome pet. Their personality is very s

What is a cavalier attitude?

A "cavalier attitude" is kind of a casual, almost dismissive attitude. Webster's defines "cavalier", in this usage, as "marked by lofty disregard of others' interests, rights,

Why are the Cleveland Cavaliers caled the cavaliers?

Major League Baseball player Brett Tomko's father, Jerry, submitted the winning name for the new basketball team in a competition held by The Plain Dealer in 1970.

What did cavaliers do?

The cavaliers were against the roundheads in the civil war that was  in the 1640's. The cavaliers were on King Charles I's side whilst  the roundheads were on Oliver Cromwel

What is nickname?

A nickname is either a short form of your name, or a name people would rather call you than your real name. Say your name was 'Robert', people would call you, like--- Bob, Rob

What is cavalier drawing?

It is a 3D representation in two dimensions. Width and height are drawn on horizontal and vertical lines and depth is on an angled line, usually 30 or 45 degrees. 

Who were the cavaliers?

The Cavaliers were soldiers for King Charles the 1st who fought in the English civil war in the mid 1600s. A cavalier would have long curly hair like King Charles and they wou

Why do we have nicknames?

We have nicknames to define our personality and to show a sense of friendship or affection. unless it is an offensive nickname

How do I get a nickname?

  Well you twist you name slightly say if it was lorna you could change it to lornmower or think of a word that suits you.