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What did the cavaliers get there nickname for?

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What is average lifespan of Chevy Cavalier?

There is no average lifespan for a Chevy Cavalier as it depends on  how well it is taken care of. Regardless, they can usually work  well up to 200,000 mi. if they are check

What is a cavalier attitude?

A "cavalier attitude" is kind of a casual, almost dismissive attitude. Webster's defines "cavalier", in this usage, as "marked by lofty disregard of others' interests, rights,

Why are the Cleveland Cavaliers caled the cavaliers?

Major League Baseball player Brett Tomko's father, Jerry, submitted the winning name for the new basketball team in a competition held by The Plain Dealer in 1970.

What is the drive cycle for Chevy Cavalier?

To perform an OBDII Driving cycle do the following:   Cold Start. In order to be classified as a cold start the engine  coolant temperature must be below 50°C (122°

Chevy Cavalier engine removal?

Remove all the hoses and wiring harnesses connected to the engine.   just to name a few radiator hoses, power stering hoses, throttle  cable, fuels lines, injector harnes

How do you change the oil on a 1999 cavalier?

Remove oil plug, drain sump, catch oil into suitable container, reinstall oil plug, use new washer, remove ols oil filter, coat new oil filter seal with oil, install new oil f

What did cavaliers do?

The cavaliers were against the roundheads in the civil war that was  in the 1640's. The cavaliers were on King Charles I's side whilst  the roundheads were on Oliver Cromwel

What is the Cleveland Cavaliers' theme song?

When LeBron is playing, it's "Hail to the Chief" as in the president's theme song. When he is not playing, it's "Bad Day" by Daniel Powter. Yes I made this up, but it seems

Who were the cavaliers?

The Cavaliers were soldiers for King Charles the 1st who fought in the English civil war in the mid 1600s. A cavalier would have long curly hair like King Charles and they wou

How do you replace the thermostat on a Chevy Cavalier?

Answer   Replacing a thermostat is a relatively easy task. If your temperature gauge is running way down on the low side and your heater isn't putting out much heat, it's
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What is Cavalier Oblique Drawing?

Drawings in oblique projection in which the vertical plane is  parallel to the plane of projection (drawing surface), and all  three spatial axes are drawn to the same scale