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What did the development of microchips lead to?

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What are microchips?

A microchip is a small piece of r material holding many integrated  circuits. Theses circuits contain information which can be scanned.

How a microchip is made?

 How a microchip is made?   Microchips are built from wafers that consist of 99.9999% pure  silicon. The silicon is made from common beach sand.  The chips are made in

What is a microchip?

Its a small square that does all the processing of the computer. Almost all have graphics built- in so you dont need a graphics card. The 2 major companies are Intel and AMD.

Why were microchips invented?

Because it was found that any component except an inductor could be made with a semiconductor, so if several were made on the same chip and connected into a complete functiona

What does a microchip do?

A Microchip is a semiconductor integrated circuit. The function depends on what it is designed to do. It could be a micro processor, memory chip, or digital tuner. It could be

How are microchips produced?

A microchip is an electronic device built as a single unit from  many miniature components mainly transistors.Microchips are made by  building up electronic circuits in a ti