How can you get into the CIA?

The first think to do is go to web page (see below in links), then click the link careers. Then, choose a job and fill the aplication. The CIA doesn't accept resum (MORE)

When was the CIA started?

July 26th, 1947 is the official date the CIA was created. . President Truman signs the National Security Act of 1947, creating the Central Intelligence Agency and National S (MORE)

Who started the CIA?

President Harry Truman Added: Technically the above answer is correct - however, in reality the CIA actually existed prior to then but was officially known as the 'Offic (MORE)

In which year CIA started?

History of the CIA . The United States has carried out intelligence activities since the days of George Washington, but only since World War II have they been coordinated o (MORE)

Can a 13 year old be in the CIA?

No, It Violates several Laws and constiutions. However, it may be possible for them to help the CIA in certain situations as "Outside assistance". Added: EXTREMELY UNLIKEL (MORE)
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Who is CIA?

Acronym for Central Intelligence Agency. also Spanish for Company ( Compania) used something like (INC) often the agency is referred to as (The Company) or La Compania). serio (MORE)

What led to the start of the CIA and what was its purpose?

The 1947 National Security Act established the CIA, affording it "no police or law enforcement functions, either at home or abroad". One year later, this mandate was expanded (MORE)