What digital camera has in camera automatic red eye detection and in camera red eye correction - would the Nikon S4000 or Panasonice Lumix FH 20 do this I hate fixing red eye after uploading pics?

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What is the advantage of the eye over a camera?

an eye you do not have to zoom in, or add new film, or buy a new battery, you can truly appreciate something with your eye, and you can't use a camera without an eye . WYSIWYG . "What you see is what you get" when viewing through a viewfinder on a camera. This top view eyepiece was used on the (MORE)

How do you get red eye?

To get a red eye is something that nobody wants. However certain amount of bacteria has to get in the eye to become irritated, itchy, swollen and red. This can lead to pink eye or conjunctivitis, a disease in the eye that is extremely contagious. But people who dont sanitize their hands for example, (MORE)

Why do your eyes get red?

Your eyes can get red when you are tired. They can also get redwhen you have been exposed to irritants or allergens.

How are your eyes like a camera?

1.they both need light ray in order to function. 2.they both have sensitive surface on which image is formed. 3.they both have lens. 4.they both have a device to regulate the amount of light that passes through the lense. 5.they both are sensitive to light, shade and colour. 6. they both c (MORE)

How is the camera lens like an eye?

By Ayesha Tariq doing Optometry by COAVS Lahore, Pakistan camera lens is like an eye. lens can focus an object from far to near by its accommodative tone. Ciliary muscles contract so zonule of fibers with which lens is attached relaxe and move the anterior curvature forwad hence increase the power (MORE)

How is a camera like an eye?

A camera and eye both have lens, and both need light to see. When you open and close your eye it is like a camera shutter opening and closeing.. Hope this help!. I have this for homework, so I thought I would help others The aperture is to the camera as the iris is to the eye. The aperture size re (MORE)

What are the parts of camera that corresponds to the eye?

In a camera the following parts could be considered equivalent to the parts of a human eye: . Optical diaphragm = Iris . Aperture in optical diaphragm = Pupil . Outer lens element / lens glass = Cornea . Inner lens element = Eye lens . CCD Sensor (in a digital camera) = Retina This is a hu (MORE)

How is the eye similar to a camera?

They both project light (Camera:Lens) (Eye:Lens) . They both capture images (Camera:Film or Image Sensor) (Eye:Retina) . They both focus (Camera:Focusing Mechanism) (Eye:Muscles) . They both adjust the amount of light let in (Camera: Aperture Blades) (Eye:Iris)

Can you have red eyes?

Yes you can get red eyes but it is commanly found in Albinos... I myself am Albino and have too wear eye contacts too cover my eyes..

What does a fish eye lens do for a camera?

The "Fisheye" lens will give the photograph a convex look. I it is very difficult to create a photograph that will work well with the lens without leaving the subject too distorted.

How does red eye happen on a camera?

"If an eye had absorbed all light, then this wouldn't happen. In fact, if an eye had been theoretically flawless, the red eye effect would not have existed at all. What happens when you see the red eyes on pictures, is that the flash is reflected in someone's eye. The reflection is red because of al (MORE)

How do you get a red eye?

A red eye can be caused by irritation from a foreign substance like sand or by an allergy. It can also be caused by a burst blood vessel in the sclera (white part) due to physical trauma or high blood pressure in which case it turns beet red, or by enlargement of the blood vessels in the sclera due (MORE)

How is a camera like a human eye?

The eyes as we know is that part of the body which helps us see.The phenomenon of the working of the eye is very similar to that ofa camera. The human visual is system (HVS) is as complicated as theworking of a camera. Whatever we see, is the result of the message sent through the eyesto the brain. (MORE)

How is a human eye like a camera?

1. Like your eye, a camera has a lens that focuses light to forman image. 2. Anything that your eye sees, the brain remembers. Justlike a camera.

What can a camera do which a human eye cannot do?

A camera can stop action. Or can record a series of actions. And, by manipulating images, can observe things too fast or too slow for humans to see. (This speaks to stop action and high speed photography, and to time lapse photography.) The camera can, with the correct lenses, see very tiny things o (MORE)

Redness of the eyes?

Maybe you're allergic to something or have hayfever or an eye infection. Maybe you need glasses. Go and see the doctor

What are the differences between eyes and cameras?

Cameras take and make a moment last forever while your eyes can only savor a moment for a second Camera can record and show everything later.\n. \n. \nThey're actually fairly similar in overall principal. They both have a lens which focuses light on some type of light sensitive material. The camer (MORE)

Is a camera like your eye?

there are several ways on how it is and isn't like your eye. 1.) you can see color like a camera. 2.) if you eat carrots or any vegetable that is supportive to night vision, then it can be like your eye. 3.) eyes are not waterproof like water proof cameras. 4.) eyes are round and cameras ar (MORE)

What is the difference between a camera and the eye?

The contemporary camera is an electromechanical device, and the eye is a biological mechanism. Both have a lens to respond to and focus electromagnetic energy (light), but the eye puts the light on the retina of the eye. This biological "film" immediately transmits information to the brain, and we a (MORE)

How do you fix red-eye on the Nikon COOLPIX S230?

click the red eye flash button! i will show an eye and flash sign! Here are some little software which is not as difficult ad Photoshop, that can help you to remove red eyes from your Pictures easily. http://www.downloadatoz.com/download/208217,8-foolproof-ways-to-retouch-your-photos.html

Does EyePet come with the eye camera?

I know the Move Edition of the game does not come with the camera. I believe some of the PS3 games might have had a bonus priced camera, but it was not part of the game. The new PSP EyePet released November 2 2010 did not come with a ccamera

What are the similarities of the human eye and the camera?

Well, one thing is focus. When you look at something far away, notice that anything close becomes blurry? And when you look at something close, that anything far away becomes blurry too. This is because your eyes are focusing, and that's basically what a camera does, is focus.

Why do you have red eyes?

The red color comes from light that reflects off of the retinas in our eyes. In many animals, including dogs, cats and deer, the retina has a special reflective layer called the tapetum lucidum that acts almost like a mirror at the backs of their eyes. If you shine a flashlight or headlights into (MORE)

How do you fix red eye on xbox360?

OK, so I know most of you gamers out there have XBOX 360 problems, the worst of which being the three rings of death. But the main problem is not that your XBOX is dead, or past its warranty, its simply overheated! This means that your XBOX is in a tight space where it cant breathe, so all you've go (MORE)

What is the difference between the eye and camera?

cameras can take pictures, your eye can only process it to your brain so that it goes to your memory. cameras don't lose their memory unless you delete it, unlike your brain which often tends to forget things. so cameras are more preserving memories than your eye. however you probably wont have your (MORE)

Can you replace human eyes with cameras?

Human eyes are much more complicated than cameras. There are muscles that continuously change the shape of our lens in order for us to focus on any object. There are nerves which send unique signals to our brains for interpretation. The images that are mapped onto our eyes are just a series of dots (MORE)

How are eyes like a camera?

Eyes are like a camera because with them you can see the beauty of the world and always remember your favorite parts of your life.

How are a Camera and the human eye similar?

Well, they both have lenses (cornea), and shutters (iris), they can adjust focal distance, and have a layer to focus light on (retina or film). However, the eye is more sensitive to light than a camera; It 'sees' in color, in high light intensities, and monochrome in low light; It can 'edit' (MORE)

Why eyes get red?

When your eye is red its because you either rubbed it with a finger that had bacteria. Or,however, someone past gas on your pillow and you slet on it. If someone did that and you know,you can sue for over 1,500$ for damaging your eye.

What is similar between a camera and an eye?

the hole in the front of a camera can be made bigger or smaller to control how much light gets in. Your eyes work in a similar way. To much light can damage your eyes, so your pupils get smaller when it is very bright and in dim light your pupils get very bigger to let more light in

What to do if your eye is red?

This could be caused by Pink Eye, or another similar condition, it could also be bacteria, you may want to wash your out with water, and if you would like, contact a physician just incase.

How do digital cameras detect and minimize red eye?

Digital cameras that minimize red eye usually don't detect the possibility first. Instead they fire the flash twice, once to dilate the pupils of the subjects so red eye won't occur, and the second time to actually take the picture.

How are pinhole cameras and eyes the same?

because in both the cases the light is travels through the lenses and they both have lenses they both display a picture upside down but the brain iterprets this as wrong so it flips it the right way round. that's why both are same.