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What digital camera has in camera automatic red eye detection and in camera red eye correction - would the Nikon S4000 or Panasonice Lumix FH 20 do this I hate fixing red eye after uploading pics?

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Why is the eye of the squid called a camera eye?

A camera eye is an eye with a crystalline lens that focuses light. It is found in squid, octopi, and vertebrates. This is similar to the lens arrangement of a camera.

How are your eyes like a camera?

1.they both need light ray in order to function. 2.they both have sensitive surface on which image is formed. 3.they both have lens. 4.they both have a device to regulat

How does red eye happen on a camera?

"If an eye had absorbed all light, then this wouldn't happen. In fact, if an eye had been theoretically flawless, the red eye effect would not have existed at all. What happen

How do you fix red-eye on the Nikon COOLPIX S230?

click the red eye flash button! i will show an eye and flash sign! Here are some little software which is not as difficult ad Photoshop, that can help you to remove red eyes

How do you fix red eye on xbox360?

OK, so I know most of you gamers out there have XBOX 360 problems, the worst of which being the three rings of death. But the main problem is not that your XBOX is dead, or pa

What is the difference between the eye and camera?

cameras can take pictures, your eye can only process it to your brain so that it goes to your memory. cameras don't lose their memory unless you delete it, unlike your brain w

How are eyes like a camera?

Eyes are like a camera because with them you can see the beauty of the world and always remember your favorite parts of your life.