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Can your boyfriend adopt your 16-year-old daughter and place his name on her birth certificate without the consent of the child's biological father?

The biological father would have to voluntarily relinquish his rights or the court would have to terminate his parental rights to the minor child before the child could be ado (MORE)

What legal rights does a step father have if the biological father has not had contact for over 1 year and still contests adoption?

Well my step father adopted me. Because mother and step father kept track of when my real father seen me, my real fathers background, what he provided, receipts from what they (MORE)

Your husband was killed one year ago his 13 year old daughter is wanting everything that belonged to us at the time her father was living down to boardgames What rights does she have?

She isn't entitled to everything. If there was not will, the states intestacy rules will apply. More than likely, she is entitled to half the estate. She and you are dealing w (MORE)

15 year old Daughter Does not want to visit Biological Father. Does she have to go He has not been in her life for 11-12 years and she does not want to go stay with him on.?

I think that if she doesn't want to see her father, who has neglected to see her, then she doesn't have to. If you try to make her, it might make her mad at you, if your the m (MORE)

Can your husband adopt your children if their father has been absent over 5 years?

If you'd like to do a step-parent adoption, you'll have to terminate the current legal father's parental rights. Typically, a dead beat dad will consent to this process, becau (MORE)

Can your boyfriend adopt your 16 year old daughter and place his name on her birth certificate without the consent of the child's biological father?

Not as far as I am aware, but double check with your state statutes. If you are interested in adopting a child two things need to be in place. First, the child must legally be (MORE)

How do you adopt your husband's 12 year old daughter when the the non custodial parent hasn't contacted her in over 6 mo?

6 months is not a very long time when we are talking about to forever give up the rights to your child. In order for you to adopt her the other parent have to give up the pare (MORE)