What do human resources managers do?

What do human resources managers do?
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Here are a few examples: Create/update Employee Handbook Ensure proper handling of business processes, policies, and procedures Advice employees and management Ensure HR department is running smoothly Create/update internal forms Payroll Process benefits Process Worker's Compensation, or other state work-related paperwork Workforce assessment Handles hiring, reprimanding, negotiations, terminations Processes and ensures timely evaluations Orientations Sponsorships Have unbiased assessments of suggestions, issues, staff Keep conscious of company staffing requirements and financial means Continuously try to improve work relations and environment Continuously try to keep up-to-date with HR advances (Software implementation) Manage important records Maintain workplace health and safety practices

Human resource management process?

  It is that phase of management which deals with the effective control and use of manpower as distinguished from other source of power.

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