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How can you eat?

Stuff fatning foods in our mouths like wendys,mcdonalds,etc.,   Babies don't eat hot dogs or french fries etc they only drink milk that is how babies eat.    You all ea

Why do you eat as you do?

People eat what they like--also what they can get is a factor--some have philosophical or religious rules they follow or their diet is affected by choices they make for health

What eats what?

  There are a lot of animals that eats each other and we commonly called it a food chain like (Grass- Grasshopper- frog- snake) and there are also many more types of this

Do you have to eat?

Yes, if you want to live, you must eat. The body cannot survive without food.

Why do you have to eat?

Answer   Our body needs a certain amount of food to work properly. Crash diets won't work. The only way we can obtain energy is through eating. Our body needs a balance of

What is eating out?

Eating out is when you practically make out with a girls vagina.   as a girl i--- i highly enjoy this...;)

What is eating?

chewing foood Eating is when a person consumes and digests food. This is done in order to survive.

Why you have to eat?

because the food give us the energy and that energy give us the power to move and do our daily activities.

Why you are eating?

Your eating has severl reasons: -to survive -to get energy for growing -to grow up strong! Also dont eat too much that gives you something called "fat". Fat makes you weak and

Have you eat?

I have, I have! Only once and it was wonderful, yes. You've brought back some very fond memories for me I'd completley forgotten.
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Who to eat?

you put food in your mouth and choue