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What do not go in and out of the cell easily?

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Why are older bacterial cells more easily decolorized than younger colonies?

OIder bacteria cells are decolorized more easily than younger  cells, because as cells age their cell walls become "leaky" and  allow molecules to pass more readily out of t

Where does the sperm cell go to reproduce?

The sperm cell (spermatozoan) itself doesn't reproduce, but combines with an egg (ovum) where the genetic material (chromosomes) in the sperm and the genetic material of the o

What particle penetrates cell membrane easily?

particles that are small and hydrophobic and semipermeable. hydrophobic ions those that are soluble in lipids-- can easily pass through the membrane. In addition, small molecu

Which cells go into the g0 phase?

Most human cells are in this phase. Once the cells reach maturity, they stop dividing and human stops growing.

Do cell membranes allow all substances to pass through easily?

no, cell membranes only allow things to pass through it only by using proteins embedded on it for things such as some nutrients and even water. there are two types of these pr

What can go wrong with the cell cycle?

It's possible, that a cell can get sick and not know when to stop growing. If it doesn't know when to stop growing, then it will continue to make more cells uncontrollably. Ev

How does the cell get glycolysis going?

Even though glycolysis is an energy-releasing process, the cell needs to put in a little energy to get things going. At the pathway's beginning, 2 molecules of ATP are used up