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What do other gods think of Zeus?

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What did the other goddesses think about Zeus?

  hera thought he was hot but a cheater   athena&artemis&hestia thought he was a butthead   demeter didn't really think about him she had her own troubles with a dau

Was Zeus the God of all the other gods?

Sort of, it was more like he was the head of a really dysfunctional family. The other gods would listen to him most of the time, but all of the Greek gods tend to work against

What relationship did Zeus have with other gods?

Zeus was the youngest brother of Hera, Hestia, Poseidon, Hades and Demeter. He was married to Hera, and was the father of Ares, Athena, Dionysus, Apollo, Artemis and Hephaestu

Who of the mortals or other gods did Zeus imprison?

Poseidon his brother because he wanted to be the king of the gods and take his place because he lived in the water and hades his other brother because he lived in the underwor

Is Zeus real and other gods?

NO! Actually, you can't say that as it's impossible to know. He may well be real, as may all the other ancient Greek and Roman deities- it's not for us to pronounce on somethi

Is Zeus a real and other gods?

No because it is just myths by the Greeks. I think that they should not teach kids that because it messes their relign up. One of the kids said, "Mom and Dad, are their many g