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What do owls have in common with robins?

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What do snowy owls and great horned owls have in common?

they have many things in common. first of all, they are both of the Order Bubo, and are related. they often have similar horizontal striping patterns on their bellies, and the

Is robin a common noun or proper noun?

Robin is a proper noun when it is a name, but common when it is thebird. Proper nouns are the unique names of people, places, orthings. Common nouns are the words for general

What are the three most common owls?

For sure the Barn Owl, Great Horned Owl, and Tawny Owl are the most common owls in the world. Even though there is no actually common owl, they are some of the most widespread

What do owls have in common?

All owls look after their youngallot until their young is an adult, they all have talons which is their claws on their feet. They are all very wise , elegant equlant and good

Is owl a common or proper noun?

The noun 'owl' is a common noun, a word for any owl of any kind,  anywhere.    A proper noun is the name of a specific person, place, thing, or a  title; for example:

What is the scientific name and common name for an owl?

There are many species of Owls, but the common name for Owls is Owls and the owls are in an order of birds called Strigiformes. Answer There are about 200 owl species. Example

How do you get a owl?

As long as your local pet shop is authorized, you can buy an owl as a pet!

What is an owl?

Owls Are creatures that are nocturnal. they are carnivors and can turn their head 360 degrees in a left to right motion.

Do robins have more in common with lions or with owls?

owls because owls are birds and so are robins, all the characteristics of a bird would be the same. i don't see any relationship between lions and robins except the obvious li
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What do owls do?

  they sleep during the day and hunt at nite . they useually hunt at feilds and try to find mice. They make many sounds including the very famouse hoo whooo!!!!!!