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What do owls have in common with robins?

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What do owls have in common?

All owls look after their youngallot until their young is an adult, they all have talons which is their claws on their feet. They are all very wise , elegant equlant and good

What is a common name for Barn Owl?

A common name for the Barn Owl is Barn Owl or just Owl. The scientific name is Tyto alba.

What is the common habitat of a barn owl?

The Barn Owl is found in virtually all habitats but much more abundantly in open woodland, heaths and moors than forested country. They usually roost by day in tree hollows bu

Do robins have more in common with lions or with owls?

owls because owls are birds and so are robins, all the characteristics of a bird would be the same. i don't see any relationship between lions and robins except the obvious li

Why do the robins follow the owl and chirp?

It is probably because they are bullying it. there are many different types of small birds that bully owls. The ones that bully owls the most are usually crows, ravens, and bl