What do robots look like?

It depends on what type of robot is being referred to. There are some that are simple and some that are very complex. Robots are designed to do tasks that people may or not be (MORE)

What did General Grievous look like before he ws a robot?

he was a normal sith until mace windu and yoda pushed him into lava on mustafare and he got burend until count dooku recued him and made him have micaical parts From Star Wa (MORE)

Do robots have to look like people?

No. A robot is usually defined as a device that can perform a task under it's own guidance and doesn't have to look like a person. Robots that do look like humans are often (MORE)

Why did NASA sent a robot spaceship to the moon?

Sending robot spaceships to the moon was known as the Surveyor program. They sent seven robotic spaceships to the surface of the moon from June 1968 to January 1968. The prima (MORE)