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What abbreviation esch mean in court system?

It seems to be the prefix used when something is scheduled in a  court. It may stand for "event scheduled"-- meaning a hearing or  legal deposition has been scheduled, and y (MORE)

What does unterminated in court cases mean?

It means the case is open and that the filings will be reviewed before a court. They have not come to a decision. They have not dismissed any motions filed.
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What does is mean when the court dismisses a case?

    As a matter of law, the prosecution, or the plaintiff, has failed to present sufficient evidence to prove the claim.     Usually it is in response to a moti (MORE)

What does a court case being struck out mean?

Struck out means that the case against you has been dismissed by the court. In other words the court feels that there is no case to answer,or the court after hearing the prose (MORE)

What does overturn previous court cases mean?

When a previous court case is overturned, it means that the case  has been reviewed by a higher court, and the ruling has been  changed. For instance, if someone is found gu (MORE)

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