What does vacated court case mean?

Vacate is a term subject to different meanings. In GENERAL terms and in the context of a court order or decision, vacate means "to overrule" or to "make void." If you have a p (MORE)

What does the mr mean in a court case such as 2005mr112?

The information given in the question resembles a court docket number. There are no standard methods for numbering and identifying such codes throughout the country and it is (MORE)

What does it mean if a court case is stayed?

In Canada this is usually requested by the Crown (prosecution) It means that for some reason the Crown does not wish to proceed. The case can be reactivated within a year (us (MORE)

What does it mean to 'argue' a case in court?

It is not meant in the usual meaning of the word. It simply means to present your side of the "argument" to the court. Both you and the oppoosing side of "the argument" prese (MORE)