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What abbreviation esch mean in court system?

It seems to be the prefix used when something is scheduled in a  court. It may stand for "event scheduled"-- meaning a hearing or  legal deposition has been scheduled, and y (MORE)

What does is mean when the court dismisses a case?

    As a matter of law, the prosecution, or the plaintiff, has failed to present sufficient evidence to prove the claim.     Usually it is in response to a moti (MORE)

What does case restored mean in court?

If a case was "stayed" for some reason - it is usually only a temporary event - if/when the judge rules that the case can resume he "restores" the case to whatever its status (MORE)

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Court Cases Focused on the Fourth Amendment

The Fourth Amendment of the United States Constitution prevents unlawful search and seizure without a warrant. Obtaining such a warrant must also be supported by probable caus (MORE)