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What is meant by harsh shift in automatic transmission?

A harsh shift on a transmission is when the driver of a vehicle can  hear or feel the gearbox shifting. Sometimes the gearbox will lock  and not shift causing the rev limite (MORE)

How do bacteria survive harsh conditions?

They form an endospore. An endospore is a thick cell wall that helps protect them. Endospores enable bacteria to lie dormant for extended periods of time when the environmen (MORE)

How did the Jews deal with such harsh conditions?

The upper middle and higher class fled to another country. Everyone below found a hiding spot or were sent to concentration camps __ Not all upper and middle class fled. Man (MORE)
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Why does not bacteria survive in harsh conditions?

There are a number of bacteria that DO survive in harsh environments be it pH or temperature extremes or an environment that is very salty. Bacteria that don't survive in hars (MORE)

What is meant by economizing?

What people usually seem to mean is to cut costs. Putting less into a product or service in hopes of getting more out of it. There is a limit though to economizing. You can cu (MORE)

What is the importance of treasury management under harsh economic conditions?

Treasury management involves the process of managing the cash,  investments and other financial assets of the business. The goal of  these activities is to optimize current (MORE)