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What do we call the motion of a body when only the force of gravity is acting on the body?

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What is the relationship of forces acting on a body?

The forces are vectors, the vectors are added together, therefore forces acting against each other will cancel each other out, forces acting in the same direction will add up.

Does no force act on a body at rest?

If a body is at rest ... or traveling at a constant speed in a straight line ... there could well be millions of forces acting on it. The only conclusion you can draw from the

Can a body be in equilibrium when only one force acts on it explain?

No, because since it is in equilibrium it has to have at least gravity and normal force. so it would have to have 2 forces at the least, and they would have to cancel each oth

How do action-reaction forces act on two different bodies to produce motion?

When one body exerts a force on another body, the other body exerts an equal and opposite reaction force. Both bodies gain equal and opposite momentum due to the forces. The m

If the force of gravity acts on all bodies in proportion to their mass why does not a heavier body falls faster than a lighter body?

Because, in non-technical terms, inertia accompanies mass as well as gravity. Along with an increased mutual pull, the bodies have a tendency to remain at rest. The larger the

Can a body be in equilibrium when only one force acts on it?

No. For a body to be in equilibrium it must be acted on by either no forces, or by several forces such that their vector sum (the net force) is zero. -- This was my original

When gravity is the only force acting on in object?

If the only force working on an object is the force of gravity then the object in question is considered to be in free fall. On a technical note: the measurement of the grav