Car check engine sign?

If check engine soon comes on it means you may have a computer sensor telling you something is wrong. You should get a code readout ASAP. Mine let me down and it was a mass ai (MORE)

Can I get a Car VIN checked for free?

Nope, there are no free services nowadays! You can run a VIN Checkfrom several online websites, like Carfax, Autocheck and othercheap alternatives like prices al (MORE)
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How do you check VIN for Toyota car?

You can run a VIN Check from several online websites, like Carfax,Autocheck and other cheap alternatives like pricesalso differe, Carfax report costs around $35 (MORE)

How do you check car battery with a multimeter?

Set the multimeter to DC voltage in the 20 volt range. You will read 12.7 volts on a fully charged battery. 12.4 at 75% charge, 12.2 at 50%, 12.0 at 25%, and 11.9 or less on a (MORE)