What do you do if a 6 month baby has a fever of 103.5?

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If you lose a baby at 6 months pregnant do you have a funeral?

Obviously, if the body was intact, yes, according to the Catholic church. The child would be baptized and probably given a name. the body would have to be buried in consecrated grounds, many cemeteries have a special juvenile section. whether there would be a viewing would depend on the condition of ( Full Answer )

What is the normal heart rate for a 6 month old baby?

Normal heart rate for a 6 - 9 month old is 90 to 130 when awake and content. When the child is upset and crying it can go as high as 190 and possibly higher, the concern is if it stays above 210 for several minutes that has the possibility of cardiac arrest. A sleeping baby can go into the 80's and ( Full Answer )

Can my 6 month old baby go in a jacuzzi?

Yes, but make sure that the water is not too hot to cause discomfort or burn. Do not leave the baby unattended or allow the baby to drown.

Weight of a 6 month old baby?

There is nothing like absolutely normal weight for a given age. It also depends on birth weight. Babies gain about 600grams per month for the first six months. The birth weight is approximately doubled by six months.

What should your baby eat at 6 months?

By six months of age, a baby should be eating a variety of baby foods, in addition to their milk/bottle. I started mine on a thin baby cereal at 6 weeks old, then every week or two I would introduce a new baby food in their diet. The reason to wait at least a week in between new foods is in case the ( Full Answer )

How much should a 6 month old baby weight?

There is no such thing as an absolutely normal weight for a child of given age. It depends on birth weight and also racial factors. The birth weight roughly doubles between five and six months.

What is the average length of a 6 month baby?

I just took my son to his 6 month check-up and he is now 27 1/2 inches & weighs in @ 21 lbs :) He was 17 1/2 inches and 8lbs 12 oz @ birth~! My daughter who is 6 weighs 35lbs and my son comes up to her high waist, all i can say is every child is different there is no "normal"

What if the baby isn't moving at 6 months?

Answer . No it doesn't hurt to have your water break. However, it can make your contractions worse if you are having them. That is my experience. It helps labor progress.

What is the best milk formula for a 6 month old baby?

It all depends on the baby for example some babies can't. drink lipil or rather they can... but its best to ask the babys pediatrician.... Lots of babys have gas or spit problems and they need special formula...

How much does a 6 month old baby?

The youngest 6 months old Nyle stands as the youngest millionairebaby as Nyle Shahid Tsar is just 6 months old where Shahid FarukTsar's the father of the baby has his eldest daughter as RoxanneShahid Tsar heading all the companies of Shahid Faruk Tsar withTsar's loyal lawywe H.D. Harrison. Nyle is g ( Full Answer )

Can a 6 month old baby eat solids?

if you see growing teeth, start off with, not so hard solids like hard candies or cookies or almonds. At first try those soft baby biscuits and if he/she can eat that, then go to the next level and try something a little more solid (not too solid)

What is the kidney size of a 6 months baby?

Normal Kidney Size . The kidneys of newborns are about 4.5 cm long, almost 2 inches,and weigh just less than an ounce. Kidneys of adults are about 12cm long, nearly 5 inches, and weigh about 5 ozs. The growth ofkidneys correlates more with a child's growth in height rather thanage, and the normal l ( Full Answer )

Can a baby of 6 months old see demonic entities?

Only God knows. I doubt babies even see much of anything while in the womb. Demons don't usually show themselves anyways - honest, they just don't. They are spiritual beings from a different dimension.

Can a 6 month old baby have yogurt?

Yes.. They can start eating baby yogurts at the age of 6 months, just as long as they can sit up on their own without any support!

How serious is a 103.5 fever in a one year old?

It is high but babies run high temps. Make sure you are alternating Tylenol and Motrin every three hours (give tylenol 1st then 3 hours later motrin) This schedule works great. Make sure you know the proper dosage (dont want to give to much and to little wont work as well) even if your baby has only ( Full Answer )

How do you get a 6 month old baby to sleep at night?

Each baby is different with different sleep patterns. It is important that a baby gets fresh air as much as possible and the mother should make a point of putting the baby in it's carriage and taking the baby for stroll. Be sure the baby has been fed and burped; diapers are changed. Some baby's can ( Full Answer )

What does it mean when a 2yr has a fever 103.5?

That body temperature is significantly elevated & usually means some kind of infection is present...either bacterial or viral. In such a young child the hypothalamus, which helps control body temperature, is imature & if a high temperature is not rectified than febrile seizures could occur. Seek med ( Full Answer )

What size clothing does a 6 month baby girl wear?

aw usually in stores it has the tag where says a number and mth, mo, or m (month) so that's easy but really it all depends on the size of the baby the girl could need a bigger size or a smaller size, so check first the clothing sizes for sixth month old's are 12 to 15 pounds and the height from 24 t ( Full Answer )

Can a 6 month old baby eat fresh fruit?

You can introduce clean fresh fruit to most babies as early as 6 months, but it must be washed thoroughly and smashed. Be sure you do not give whole grapes, etc. due to the risk of choking.

How do you lose a baby in 6 months?

Just do things that you are not suppose to do when you are pregnet. You can fall slip, exercise, take karate, do drugs, not feed yourself, commit suicide. Or you can easily and simply just be normal and get an abortion.

What is the average cost of a months worth of baby food for a 6 month old baby?

Obviously you know that babies are a extremely joyful part of life, and make you feel special, but it is also obviously known that these babies are not cheap! At 6 months old, most babies will have started eating solids, instead of liquids, as of breast milk or formula. At this age, at least you can ( Full Answer )

Can a 6 month old baby drink antamin?

You have to ask your doctor if this is suitable for your child, as always with medicine. Asthma this young is serious so the dosage would be important to get it right.

What sounds do 3-6 month old babies make?

3-6 month old babies make some interesting sounds that are not exactly meaningful. These are the sounds that come before they can start talking fully.

Is 38.4 Celsius dangerous for an 6 month old baby?

If concerned, you should consult a physician. However fevers up to 39 Celsius are common and normal in infants, and are not dangerous. Higher fevers can be brought down with Advil or Tylenol, as recommended by a doctor. Do not give aspirin to babies. The usual advice is to "watch the baby, not th ( Full Answer )

What are the best toys suitable for 6 to 12 months baby?

There are many toy options for 6 to 12 month old babies. Rattles, stuffed animals and activity centers are popular, but a sturdy board book is also a good choice. Most toys will indicate if they are appropriate for this age range, and retailers will often place all the toys for this age range in t ( Full Answer )

What are the release dates for Medium - 2005 Baby Fever 6-5?

Medium - 2005 Baby Fever 6-5 was released on: USA: 30 October 2009 Australia: 4 March 2010 Netherlands: 27 August 2010 Germany: 1 September 2010 Hungary: 11 November 2010 Japan: 16 May 2011 Finland: 19 January 2013