What do you do if you have 2 policies covering the same thing?

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Can you be covered by 2 insurances at the same time?

Answer . Yes. What you probably mean to ask is - can you get paid in full from both policies? Generally no. You would have to look at the Co-Ordination of Benefits clau

If your spouse hits your car and you are on the same policy will insurance cover the accident?

Answer . \nYes, and your spouse will end up with an at-fault accident on their record. The collision deductible will apply to the damage on the car that your spouse was dr

Is there an insurance policy that will cover either car that I own I can't physically drive 2 cars at the same time So the other car just sits.?

A little more information might provide a better answer, but here it is. If both of the cars have active registration, this indicates that they might be driven at any time. Mo