What do you do if you have 2 policies covering the same thing?

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Can you be covered by 2 insurances at the same time?

Answer . Yes. What you probably mean to ask is - can you get paid in full from both policies? Generally no. You would have to look at the Co-Ordination of Benefits clause. Click here for more details http://www.steveshorr.com/law_relating_to_insurance.htm#Primary

If your spouse hits your car and you are on the same policy will insurance cover the accident?

Answer . \nYes, and your spouse will end up with an at-fault accident on their record. The collision deductible will apply to the damage on the car that your spouse was driving and there will not be a deductible for the damage to the parked car.. Answer . Maybe. Check with your agent, but s (MORE)

Is it legal for a resident of the same household to drive an insured vehicle if they are not specifically covered under that policy?

Answer . You can drive an insured vehicle if you're not on the policy because when the police pull you over they are looking to see if you have insurance on the car. But to answer the question...NO, it's not legal to drive the insured vehicle if your not on the policy.. Answer . As always, ch (MORE)

Can my policy cover my parents car?

The vehicle owner should have a policy on the vehicle. If you are an occasional permissive driver of their vehicle there would likely be coverage.

Can you cook 2 things in the oven at the same time?

Certainly, but depending on what is being cooked/baked you may have to increase the total cooking time a little. This is because it takes longer to heat two items at the same time as compared to one item or dish.

Is there an insurance policy that will cover either car that I own I can't physically drive 2 cars at the same time So the other car just sits.?

A little more information might provide a better answer, but here it is. If both of the cars have active registration, this indicates that they might be driven at any time. Most insurance companies will make you add both cars to your policy, since it is possible that they can be driven. However, if (MORE)

Was the Holocaust the same thing as World War 2?

No. World War 2 in Europe was a major war between the Allies (Britain, the U.S., Russia, Canada and many other countries on the one hand) and Germany, Italy and various other countries on the other. In Europe was initially triggered by the German invasion of Poland in September 1939 and lasted (MORE)

Fire policy in Michigan covers what?

Each company has several different policies and each policy can cover different perils. Also, each policy can have additional endorsements which would cover more perils than a regular "bare bones" policy. A fire policy is another name for a homeowners policy. The common basic perils are fire, st (MORE)

Is 0.5 lead the same thing as a number 2 pencil?

Actually, what you are asking is referring to the hardness of the pencil. So both, 0.5mm and 0.7mm are the same hardness as number two pencils. The number of lead, 0.5, is a thinner lead in diameter to the 0.7.

What does a brown burial policy cover?

Working in a law firm back in the 90's, we were confronted with this complaint regularly, so that I completed an in debth investigation and learned that one must present the policy and say clearly "I want the service that this policy covers." Mother would not believe me, that it would not pay for he (MORE)

Do humans and animals react 2 things the same?

That is a rather broad question. It would depend on the animal and the stimulus causing the reaction. Certainly people and animals both have the flight ot fight response, but people tend to be able to also reason their way through situations or act in ways counter to their initial instincts. Higher (MORE)

Can you have 2 policies running on one car but each policy has same main driver but the second drivers are different on each policy?

You can, but you should have all residents of a household on each policy. You can choose to have they excluded or not, but they need to be listed. However, you should be aware that a motor insurance policy is a form of indemnity insurance. A feature of all indemnity insurance policies is that the (MORE)

Does homeowners policy cover hearing aids?

It will cover most of your personal property with the exception of certain things like cash or guns. It wouldn't be in your best interest to file a claim for just a few dollars because you risk cancellation. If your hearing aid is worth $600 and your deductible is $500, they you may just want to pay (MORE)

Does your policy cover you for theft of another vehicle?

I'm trying to figure out what this could mean, because my first thought was "you mean, in case you steal somebody's car"? I'm guessing you mean you were driving someone else's car, and it got stolen. Whatever it's supposed to mean, you should call your insurance agent. Not all policies are the s (MORE)

Isn't a spare and then a strike the same thing as getting 2 strikes in a row?

No... with a spare you will add 10 plus the next ball rolled to get your score for that frame. A strike you will add 10 plus the next 2 balls rolled to score that frame. The maximum frame score you can receive for a spare would be 20. If you rolled a strike for next ball after your spare. The maximu (MORE)

What exactly does your policy cover?

It depends on your plan. In most, if not all states you must have liability insurance. Liability only is the cheapest plan because it will only cover damages to a vehicle you hit, as well as personal injury you cause. It normally has a limit (like $100,000 max coverage) leaving you personally resp (MORE)

When you sublet a condo is it covered by HO6 policy?

Your best strategy is to work with your broker -- whether you are the owner or the lessee, or the sub-lessee -- to determine the coverage available under the owner's HO-6 policy. Since all governing documents define ownership boundaries differently, and all master policies define coverage differen (MORE)

Is algebra foundations 2 and algebra 1B the same thing?

Depends. Most of us would not know what "Algebra Foundations 2" or "Algebra 1B" are, since the name of such a course is probably determined by the school or local district. Compare the curricula of both courses to see if they are the same.

What perils is covered on an H08 policy?

An HO-8 policy is generally made for an older home in a situation where you may not want to carry the amount of insurance it would take to rebuild the home as it is. This policy is an Actual Cash Value policy which means that they will pay claims based on what the real estate value of the home is ra (MORE)

Does car insurance cover the driver if he is not on the policy?

It may and it may not. It depends on the definitions of an "insured" driver under the terms of your insurance policy and the type of insurance policy you bought. Most standard policies will extend coverage to certain drivers you have given permissive use while others such as low cost "Named Drive (MORE)

Why does a candle gets extinguished when 2 candles of different sizes and same thickness are covered by same bell jar?

As they burn, the candles are using up oxygen under the bell jar. They produce carbon dioxide as a result. Carbon dioxide is havier than air and so collects at the bottom of the bell jar. The lower candle goes out when the level of carbon dioxide gets high enough to "drown" that candles flame - that (MORE)

Is damage from bees covered on your homeowners policy?

That depends on the homeowners policy you bought, most homeowners insurance policies don't cover insect infestations but many will cover resulting damages if any, once you have abated the infestation. So first, call an exterminator to remove the Bees, Then if there is any remaining damage after r (MORE)

Who is covered on a fleet policy?

"Fleet Policy" rules are defined by the insurance company. Some common rules: . Drivers must be employed by the company to be covered (some exceptions are possible) . All Drivers to be covered must supply a Drivers Record for review . The insurance Company will have final decision on what drivers (MORE)

What does a commercial insurance policy cover?

A commercial insurance policy covers any court and/or attorney costs, loss of income and other such expenses if a lawsuit is involved. It does not cover incidences where willful neglect is involved.

What is the probability of 2 out thirty seven people doing the same thing at the same time?

The answer depends on what you mean by "same". While that may sound a pedantic question, would you say it is the same time if it happens in same second, the same minute, the same century? It the context of a hydrogen-7 isotope even 25*10 -24 seconds that is 0.000 000 000 000 000 000 000 025 seconds (MORE)

Do you need to get an umbrella policy from the same insurance company that covers your car and home insurance?

Yes. Most companies that offer umbrella or excess liability policies will not offer such a policy unless they also insure your home and or vehicles. The reason for this is that under the policy you are required to carry policies on your home and vehicles but are required to carry certain limits of l (MORE)