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What do you get when you subtract the force of air resistance?

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How is air resistance related to force?

It requires a force to propel an object through air, because of the  air resistance. Normally, if there were no air resistance and the  object were being propelled on the le

Is air resistance a contact force?

it is contact force

Compare the force of air resistance and the force of gravity on an object falling at its terminal velocity?

when an object is falling down towards the earth , it's pulled downward towards the earth the force of gravity . however , a friction like the force of air resistance opposes

What is the definition of air resistance force?

Air resistance can be roughly translated as drag or friction of the wind causing something to slow down.
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What do you get when you subtract the force of air resitance from the force of gravity?

First of all, gravity is not a force, it is an acceleration. What you mean is the force of weight, which is the acceleration of gravity multiplied by mass (all forces are vect
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Explain how does the force of air resistance depends on an objects speed?

Air resistance is a force that gets larger as an object moves faster. Consider Einstein's equation E = mv2 and Newton that "for every reaction there must me an equal and oppo

The upward force of air resistance?

= the (square of the velocity (m/s) * drag coefficient ) newtons if terminal velocity is known (forces balanced , no further acceleration), drag coefficient can be found.