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What does it mean when a boy taps your desk loudly while walking by but then looks away by the time you look up?

if a boy taps you desk loudly then do nothing.Here's some possible reasons 1) Do you know the boy? -If so then he could like you. Or he could just be trying to annoy you.

What is the meaning of Kamikaze by Owl City?

Though bits of the song seem to be pure nonsense, the overarching idea of it is this: Live life with passion, seizing the day. Adam Young seems to be looking toward the future

What is the meaning of Trouble in River City?

  The phrase comes from a song in Meredith Wilson's The Music Man titled "Trouble" and also referred to as "Ya Got Trouble" or "Trouble in River City." It is sung by the

What is front desk?

Front desk is part of a hotel where guest has first direct communication with hotel personnel (excluding if someone takes his/ her lugage to carry), and it is definitely the m

What is the plural for desk?

The plural form for the noun desk is desks. There are multiple desks in the classroom.

What minerals are in a desk?

There are 4 minerals in a desk it is copper, iron, nickel, and zinc. :)

In music orchestration what does first desk mean?

I know the answer because I am in orchestra and I play the Viola. 1st desk means that you are the best out of the others. For example, lets say there are 7 violinists. They wo

What is hot-desking?

Hot-desking means that you don't have a permanent place or office to work from, but you find a place to work when you arrive.

What is the desk in the Synagogue for?

The desk in the synagogue is called a Bimah.The Bimah can be used for reading out the Torah it is read out in Hebrew

What is the meaning of green city clean city?

  I think what is meant by that saying is that the more people who Go Green, make this World a better one. There will be less toxins and smog in the air and that would mak

What is the weight of a desk?

The weight of a desk is around 10-20 pounds, depending on the size.