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What is a desk?

It's something you put things on. It's usually found in an office or school. it allows you to write and read easily.

What are tha meaning of front desk staff and what they do?

Hi, if you've never been involved in tourism or hotels positions, front desk means the area where you have to "check in" or "check out" in a hotel. This area is always next to

What is the meaning of the front desk?

The front desk is where the people who can check you in work at.They might be at a hotel to give you your key, or they might be atan office to check you in at an appointment.

In music orchestration what does first desk mean?

I know the answer because I am in orchestra and I play the Viola. 1st desk means that you are the best out of the others. For example, lets say there are 7 violinists. They wo

What the meaning of front desk manager?

a front desk manager is someone who is in charge of the customer service desk/ counter / server and he or she is called a Secretary, though in some places like Guest Houses ar

What does desk SGT mean in Military term?

Desk Sergeant is a term common to police departments, referring to the officer who sits behind the desk at the entrance to the department. I've never heard of any such term in
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What is the meaning of help desk web based?

A help desk refers to an area where one can find support for products. When it is web based, it means the help desk is located on the internet. This type of help desk is bec

What does it mean when you dream of an office desk?

The dream is work related, whether or not you actually sit at adesk at work. It might refer to you looking for a job, wanting tochange jobs or approaching retirement. It also