What do you mean by greenback?

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Who are greenbacks?

\n. \n Founded in 1874, The Greenback Party Advocated The Use of Paper Money \nThey were also known as the Independent Party, the National Party, and the Greenback-Labor

What were greenbacks?

Paper money, whose issue was authorized by the Union Congress inFebruary 1862. They were called greenbacks because of their colors. commodity money used by the union during th

What is a sentence with greenbacks in it?

Greenbacks is a slang term for the US dollar. An example in a sentence could be: I want to earn some greenbacks. Another example: How many greenbacks does that car cost?
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What is a greenback shower?

"Greenback" is typically reserved for the engaged couple that has been living together, thus they have accumulated all of the housewares and are requesting money instead of re