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Is there an I doing the thinking?

  Sounds arise and hearing occurs. Similarly thoughts arise and the knowing of thoughts occur. The I does not make sounds occur and the I does not make thoughts appear

Why do people think the Rosetta stone is important?

The Rosetta Stone is the key to understanding the hieroglyphs. It has the same text written in Greek, Latin, and the hieroglyphs, allowing people to finally read hieroglyphs.

What do Stone Age people spend most of their time doing?

The Stone Age people spent most of their time hunting and  gathering. The men had to kill animals for food and clothes, while  the women and children stayed in safer areas a

Why people think their wrong doing extrinsic than a big deal?

Because they like bullying others, trying to control other lives, they are so used to it, that when even a humble resistance is shown, or when you try to complain to your frie

Will people think you copied Astro if you rap on X Factor?

No they are unlikely to think this. They may think that he influenced you though. Or they may just think that he encouraged you to audition because he did well.

Why are people fooled into thinking Obama is doing a good job as president?

One answer: First, this question calls for an opinion and asks us to accept that anyone who voted for President Obama was "fooled." While not everyone can agree on politics,