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Why do people think the Rosetta stone is important?

The Rosetta Stone is the key to understanding the hieroglyphs. It has the same text written in Greek, Latin, and the hieroglyphs, allowing people to finally read hieroglyphs.

What is stone Phillips doing these days?

Stone Stockton Phillips is the former co anchor of Dateline NBC.  Phillips has been contributing reports. He most recently produced  and hosted a documentary called Moving w

What do Stone Age people spend most of their time doing?

The Stone Age people spent most of their time hunting and  gathering. The men had to kill animals for food and clothes, while  the women and children stayed in safer areas a

Where is the thunder stone in Pokemon x?

In Pokemon X, you can find one Thunder Stone on Route 10, one  hidden on Route 11, and as one of the rewards you can get from an  Inverse Battle on Route 18. You can also ge

Who are the Stone People?

People who were created after the great flood caused by Zeus, the stones on the earth were thrown behind Prometheus's' wife and son and were turned into people, after they pra

What exactly are you doing when you are thinking?

When a person is thinking, their brain is undergoing a process.  Usually thought involves the brain making some sort of connection  between instances that occur, or could oc

Why do people think the way that they think?

Every one has a reason for thinking the way they think.   * maybe something that has happened in their past or that happened to them recently  * also depends how a person

How do people think?

basically the way we think is abnormal and cant really be answered. the human body is an extraordinary figure and very complicated. the brain which is set up to think at diffe

What do people think they are doing when they take their own lives?

suicidal reasoning . sometimes they are in physical and psychological pain and have tried so many medications and treatments that they need the pain to end no matter what