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What does semitic mean?

The word 'Semitic' is a synonym of the word 'Jewish.' An  anti-Semitic person is racist against people of Jewish descent.  More correctly, a Semite is a member of any of the

What does hyper mean?

As a prefix, it modifies an adjective to give the sense of  extremeness: Absolute Zero is hyper-cold.    As slang, it's a short form of "hyperactive"; i.e. wound up an

What does Yukino mean?

Yukino means like snow;from a story;snow storm etc. it's a Japanese name often given to girls.

What does arguros mean?

Arguros means lover of Silver, gold, and precious stones.   Strong's Bible Concordance # 696   Usage of this word is used 5 times:   Matthew 10:9   Acts 17:29

What does bazinga mean?

Bazinga is the slang way of saying "gotcha", "ha ha you believed me but it was a joke!" or "zing!" The character of Sheldon Cooper uses the term in a comedy tv show named "The

What does vegetables contain?

Vitamin, mineral and fiber carbohydrate.

What does resourceful mean?

It means to be able to use resources effectively. Faced with a problem, a resourceful person will estimate what assets he or she has and find ways (sometimes very clever and i

What does TDC mean?

if auto related it stands for top dead center and refers to the position of the crank in relation to the positon of the number one cylinder.

What does stigma mean?

Stigma is a mark of disgrace or infamy.

What does Persephone fear?


What does kratos mean?

The Greek word κράτος means state, country.

What does NBA mean?

NBA stands for National Basketball Association, it is a premium  basketball league played in North America. 30 clubs play in the  league, 29 from US & 1 from Canada.   S
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What does piplup eat?


What does aggravated mean?

Ya thank u very much! i never thoguht i would had to answer my own question! But anywho, the word means like Incident or with anger also could be used as the following. EXAM