What does 'are you capable of being bonded' mean?

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How aware is the employee of being bonded?

If your current job requires you to sign bonds with the employer,then of course you would be aware of being bonded. Bonds can simply be job contracts which will ensure your employmentonly for a limited period. You would either be released ofresponsibilities at the end of the contract or get your co ( Full Answer )

What does 'bonded' mean?

\n. \n What "Bonded" Means \n. \nInsured. A bond guarantees financial reimbursement to your customer if he suffers a loss due to your actions.

What does capable mean?

Capable means to be in control of something; being highly assured that you will maintain the problem/object.

What does bonded means?

linked together, connected, fused as in a liquid or metal, as in friendship or a mind link

What do they check when you are being bonded?

for me the narrative report of education is very important to execute the all teaching when you are able to learning student and also in the schools university

What does network capable mean?

Network capable means that something is able to be shared and usedby a network. Many printers are network capable, meaning anycomputer on the network can send items to the to the printer.

What are requirements for being bonded in nc?

The process of "bonding" someone, is not a government activity. Private insurors are contacted by businesses wishing to have their employees "bonded" (another word for insured). These insurance companies then conduct background checks on the employees named by the employer and determine if the indiv ( Full Answer )

What does wireless capability mean?

wireless capability is the thingy to turn on your internet connection on and off on a laptop by finding the switch on your laptop or holding down FN (blue) and clicking F2 It means you are CAPABLE to connect WIRELESS. P.S. Don't use the word "thingy" my sixth grade teacher would so get on you ( Full Answer )

What does capability mean?

Hi, as I'm working in a project, with focus to create a new product oriented on capability (with regards to environmental aspects), I would have your opinion about this word/expression, as we found many definitions around it; the first one is that capability is = capacity x competence. Do you agree ( Full Answer )

What does bonds mean?

Bonds are the long-term securities issued by the companies. A bond is the obligation to repay the principal along with the interest within a stipulated maturity period. It has low risk when compared to other types of securities.

What do bond mean?

Bond mean's to have somebody's trust or to gain their trust such as bonding with your bird or pet or your girlfriend/boyfriend to have a fully connection.

What is 'being bonded' by an employer?

\nPassing a background check that shows that you have no criminal history that implies that you are untrustworthy with money.

What is being bond at work mean?

Being "bondable" means that you do not have a criminal record, and you are able to work with the general public.

What does society's capability mean economics?

Take initiative in combining the resources of land, labour & capital. Make strategic Business decision. Is an Innovator. Take risk to get more profits. Commercialization of Products. Gayathiri

What elements are capable of forming double and triple bonds?

Anything in groups 4 through 8 can form double bonds, and anything in groups 6-8 can form triple bonds. It takes one lone pair from each element involved in the bond to, for lack of a better term, "upgrade" the bond to double, and another lone pair from both elements to "upgrade" the bond to a trip ( Full Answer )

Are there living beings capable of transporting in the fourth dimension?

That would be time travel. That is not know to really exsist. Even being able to view different times would be a wonderful event. That has not been shown to be do able at this time. Transporting even spacialy and not temporaly would be a feat requiring information transfer abilities not being done e ( Full Answer )

Why human being are the only animals capable of thinking?

Humans are not the only animal capable of thinking, all animals think but it is generally accepted that humans are the only animals capable of rational thinking, better understood as being able to think in advance what the outcome of our actions would be and can alter our behavior accordingly.

When the woman is capable of being pregnant?

The woman is capable of getting pregnant when she ovulates. This generally occurs about 14 days after her period, but not always (it can vary depending on each females cycle). A woman has a prime 24 hour period to get pregnant when her egg is released. The best time is to have sex about two days bef ( Full Answer )

Are humans capable of being psychic?

All humans possess psychic abilities. We are all born with this gift but some possess a stronger sense than others. It is also called intuition which is God given already implanted in us. There are ways to strengthen this gift as well. Psychic doesn't mean you can predict lottery numbers which most ( Full Answer )

What was the first intercontinental missile capable of being launched from a submarine?

ICBM's are surface-surface missiles and typically have a greater range than submarine launched missiles. The first developed Submarine Launched Ballistic Missile (SLBM) was the Navy's UGM-27 Polaris Missile, developed by Lockheed beginning in 1957, tested in 1960, and deployed on FBM submarines begi ( Full Answer )

What does the following Thomas Carlyle quote mean when interpreted culture is the process by which a person becomes all that they were created capable of being?

I cant seem to find his elaboration on it, but here's my interpretation(who asked?): An essential element to culture is that it is imagined. You may see minorities that create their own culture groups, for instance, out of the blue, the fashion industry. It is a culture based on appearance and vis ( Full Answer )

Are children being capable of horrific behavior?

Yes, there is a small percentage of children that can come from good homes or abusive homes that have horrific behavior such as bullying; getting into gangs and committing crimes; being disrespectful to a parent or parents even to the point of verbal or physical abuse and in some cases children with ( Full Answer )

Is offences capable of being committed omission?

Yes, depending on the offense and the mens rea (level of intent) required for the offense. Most negligent offenses are actually omissions rather than acts, such as neglecting a child to the point of harm, etc.

What is a word meaning capable of being explained?

"Explicable." Depending upon context, you could also use something like "intelligible," "amenable," "susceptible," "sensitive," or "responsive" - but all of those would require a strong context and would depend upon how you were using it in a sentence. In any event, "explicable" literally means "c ( Full Answer )

Is something that is capable of being changed?

Pretty much all things are subject to change. Science for one. The Nature of Science states that science is ever changing and our view of science will always shift and differ from previous inquiries. More Information: A variable .

Are narcissists ever capable of being honest with themselves?

No. Because they can never admit to being wrong or needing to change. They choose denial and will switch blame to another in order to avoid consequence. They prefer deceit and play it as a game. Deceit and betrayal are ways in which they can dominate and control another. They play like they are a go ( Full Answer )

What does 4g capable mean?

4G capable means that you can have internet and if you don't want internet you don't have to have it.

Why do you think that you are capable of enough of being a cabin crew?

bcos i have possitive attitude, though u r sweet but you are smart enough to judge the passengers and would deal with them accordingly ,if i become a cabin crew then i will be the face of the company and would try and live up to their expectetions nand standard.

Why are people capable of being religious?

According to Francis Collins, the director of the NIH and former director of the Human Genome Project (and former atheist turned Christian), human beings are genetically programmed to look for a higher power. What has been nicknamed the "God gene" is a genetic sequence in all human beings that predi ( Full Answer )

What is air-to-ground capability mean?

Air-to-ground capability means the plane is designed and equipped to attack targets on the ground. It can have bombs, air-to-surface missiles or cannons to do this with. - - - - - Example - F-22 A combination of sensor capability, integrated avionics, situational awareness, and weapons provides ( Full Answer )

Is NaCl capable of forming a hydrogen bond?

A big NO. A hydrogen bond is a result of an interaction between a hydrogen atom from a molecule X-H where X is more electronegative than hydrogen, and an atom or group of atoms from the same or different molecule. So hydrogen has to be present fo a hydrogen bond to be formed.

What is the meaning of capable and what part of speech is it?

The word capable is an adjective , a word that describes a noun as having the ability, fitness, or quality necessary to do or achieve a specified thing; able, competent. Examples: a capable student; a capable actor; a capable manager, etc.

Not Capable of being dissolved?

The term for not being capable of being dissolved in insoluble.The term for being capable of being dissolved is soluble.

What are some electrolytes which are not capable of being seen?

All conventional electrolytes are visible, even if they mostly looklike water. In some extreme circumstances gases can be electrolytesand they should be invisible. One example of this is an arc betweentwo electrodes in a vacuum, and another is hydrogen chloride athigh pressures and/or low temperatur ( Full Answer )