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What does 2 iodines joint up called?

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Why do you think iodine-126 is called iodine-126?

  Answer   Iodine has 53 protons. Iodine 126 has 126 - 53 = 74 neutrons. So iodine 126 is called iodine 16 because it has 53 protons and 74 neutrons. There are other

What is iodine made up of?

Iodine is an element, so the only thing it is made of is itself. You cannot break it down into anything simpler.

Why does iodine show up fingerprints?

Fingerprints often leave residues of oils in the shape of the friction ridges. Iodine, and many other fingerprinting materials such as chalk, graphite, charcoal, aluminum powd
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Why is iodine called an idicator?

Iodine is called an indicator because when iodine is in a substance that was sprayed it indicates that diffusion has occured by the smell spreading in the room.